Peter du Toit

Jan 06•2 min read

🚨 CO2 Levels Keep Rising

They keep rising because:

We keep burning coal for electricity
We keep burning petrol, diesel and aviation fuel
We keep burning gas

This is having a DIRECT impact on global heating.

We are currently at 1.1°C above the pre-industrial level global temperature. We are on track for a 3.2°C rise. This will be CATASTROPHIC, and will translate into:

More intense heatwaves
More intense storms
More intense fire
More intense drought

Some places on earth will be become uninhabitable.

The changes that need to happen are MASSIVE and URGENT. This is what the next year and decade will HAVE to be about.

This is not going to happen from individual action alone. The fossil fuel industry is trying to shift the blame onto us. We need to check our carbon footprint they say, while they continue to frack, drill and burn.

This requires Government level intervention which is why this decade we HAVE TO vote climate deniers out of office. Which young people are ready to do. Legislation needs to be passed to decarbonize the global economy so we can limit the impact of what the science says IS coming.

In the meantime here are some steps we can individually take:

🌍 Become Climate Conscious
👩🏻‍🎓 Become Carbon Literate
🗳️ Vote for change
🌱 Switch to plant-based diets
🚘 Drive less (switch to EV if you can)
☀️ Switch to renewable energy
✈️ Fly less (the worst transport choice)

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