Peter du Toit

Jun 081 min read

Do you know anyone on this list?

*Someone over 55?
* Someone being treated for hypertension, diabetes or a heart condition?
* Someone being treated for cancer?
* Someone being treated for TB?
* Someone who has HIV?
* Someone being treated for a chronic lung disease? (eg Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis)
* Someone being treated for an autoimmune disease?
* Someone in an old age home?

Do you have them in mind?

All the individuals listed above are at considerably higher risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19.

Our personal actions today, how seriously we take the recommendations to wear a mask, keep our distance from others and regularly wash our hands, and staying home if we feel ill will protect everyone that is in this group.

Let’s help keep our friends and family safe by focusing on our personal actions.

Remember following or not following the safety recommendations is not like wearing a seatbelt, where if you have an accident it will only impact you. Following the recommendations or not is like speeding, or driving under the influence where it can cause great harm to others.

Have a great Monday!

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