Peter du Toit

Dec 201 min read

Everyone is beginning to wake up

As the climate crisis unfolds and begins to impact people and carbon literacy improves behaviour begins to change. In this case German travelers are flying less. Why?

”In Germany, which has suffered record-breaking heatwaves and a drop in Rhine water levels that halted barge shipments, caused fuel shortages and disrupted power production, the environment has become the most pressing issue among voters” (From German Air Travel Slump Points to Flight Shame)

EVERYTHING that causes carbon emissions is going to come under scrutiny with increasing urgency. As a result, if there is one thing you need to do to ensure the resilience of your career or business it’s to find a way ASAP to de-couple the value you bring from the need to burn fossil fuels.

We are ALL going to need to evolve to low carbon or no carbon lifestyles.

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