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PROJECT INDIGO - Newsletter 2

Tale as old as time...

We have a lot of interesting things planned for holders, but this issue is all about Story Mode. Why? It's nearly ready! We are testing internally right now, and will soon roll out a beta to a small handful of community testers. We hope to announce an official release date within the next week. Stay tuned to Discord and Twitter.

True as it can be...

So what is this story we keep talking about? We've blathered on about it for some time now. Time for some clarity. In a nutshell, Story Mode will allow you to use your entire collection to learn more about the world and characters of Project Indigo, earning TOX and XP (depending on what is in your collection) as you go.

We're not just writing a story, we're building a system for telling interactive stories with NFTs. This means we've created:

  • Patterns for detecting what's in your wallet (party) and having the story react accordingly

  • Patterns for rewarding certain holdings or combinations with TOX currency as you play

  • Patterns for rewarding choices made within a chapter with TOX currency as you play

  • Patterns for interactive conversations where you can choose freely among various topics

  • Patterns for one-chance choices that change the outcome or tone of a conversation, which you can't repeat or change

  • Patterns for NPCs that react to your party's traits

  • Patterns for determining and spending voting power based on holdings, which collectively will determine the path of the story

  • Patterns for playing background music, speech, and sound effects

  • Solutions for being able to use NFTs only once (and being able to look up whether they have been used or not, as selling the NFT will not reset its usage) per chapter, regardless of wallet they are in

We've had to do a lot of work on the back and front end to make this experience possible but, in practice, playing the story mode will be simple. Connect your wallet, read the chapter, and click on the interactive story options.

In more detail:

  • Keep all Project Indigo NFTs (and partner NFTs you wish to use) in the same wallet. Splitting your NFTs across multiple wallets will accomplish nothing meaningful, and will fragment your TOX and XP earned across multiple addresses.

  • Wait for a new chapter to be released on our site. Chapters will only be available in their best form (voting on direction, getting the most TOX) for a limited window of time. These chapters are short interactive experiences that will expand the lore and world of Project Indigo.

  • Connect your wallet. You'll see the NFTs that can be used within Story Mode (Project Indigo Act 1 Wastelanders, Project Indigo Landmarks, and partner NFTS). A minimum of one wastelander is required to use the Story Mode. Additional NFTs will enhance the experience and rewards.

  • You'll get TOX for the choices you make. A wider variety of traits held will result in more story options, content, and TOX.

  • Will TOX bonuses stack if you hold the same trait among several NFTs? Yes.

  • Traits featured will change each chapter. Some traits will be featured more than once in the act, there is no guarantee that a trait will or will not come up again. A focus on non-combat and simpler traits will be maintained for story mode, as combat and survival traits will be used more heavily for upcoming gameplay features.

  • At the end of the chapter, you'll cast a vote for which way (from a choice of 2-3 directions) you would like the story to go. Your voting power will be based on your holdings - some for each wastelander held, plus a special bonus for holding main story characters. More voting power will result in more TOX earned for voting.

  • You'll get a summary screen showing your voting choice and TOX earned.

  • At the close of each chapter, the Landmark (scene art) created will become available as an NFT in the Project Indigo: Landmarks collection. Distribution of landmarks will be done via a mix of free drops, STX auction, TOX raffles, TOX auction, etc.

It's taken some time to prepare and design all of this, but once we get the first chapter out, we will be ready to deliver content on a regular basis of every 2-4 weeks. Raids, equipment, and other gameplay concepts will come online and run parallel with the ongoing chapters. Additional interaction types and enhanced gameplay patterns inside story mode will come as they are dreamed up and we find time to implement them.

Bringing the characters to life

The main characters of Indigo Project are more than just rare NFTs. They are an integral part of the story we are telling. They have greater voting power and TOX potential. They will have special utility in future gameplay designs.

And now, they have a voice.

We are extremely happy to be working with some top-tier voice talent, sourced right from the Indigo community. Listen to a couple of sneak peaks from the first story chapter:

Dream reassures the party

Kana Morimoto defends the usage of the Sentinels

The music of the wasteland

We are working with longstreet.btc on music for Project Indigo, and it's coming along swimmingly. An original track, created just for Act 1, will be a part of the first chapter experience.

Listen to a sample

There be monsters beyond here...

More on this next time.

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