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PROJECT INDIGO - Newsletter 5

Welcome to another Project Indigo update. This is going to be a longer and hopefully an exciting one, because much has been done that can now be shared.

Raids \\

Raids are nearly functionally complete, and the team is working to ensure the experience feels like an exciting and meaningful part of the overall PROJECT INDIGO experience. Raids will be launched from the new interactive Reach city map.

Departing on a raid will pit your Wastelander against the dangers of the waste. Initially, the gameplay will look like a series of RPG-style battles consisting of a single Wastelander against various threats, earning TOX and XP along the way.

Initially, raids will include only battles against various enemies. Eventually, encounters of other kinds will be added such as non-player character conversations, roadblocks, scavenging opportunities, etc.

The main gameplay mechanics for launch are:


  • Choosing your Wastelander means their level and SPECIAL stats will affect the gameplay. Level is a factor in Hit Points and weapon skill, and the SPECIAL stats have a variety of effects.


  • Wastelanders may be equipped with one weapon and one armor.

  • Weapons will have different types - melee, ranged, and energy. Melee weapons work best for Wastelanders with strength and agility. Ranged weapons work best for Wastelanders with perception and agility. Energy weapons are best for Wastelanders with intelligence and perception. Weapons are also scaled by the level of the Wastelander, which increases weapon skills.

  • Armors will work equally well for all Wastelanders.

  • Equipment will have a 24 hour cooldown after being used.

  • For more information on equipment, see the Equipment section of this newsletter.


  • At launch, this will be the simple option of attacking the enemy. Attacks can hit, miss, or result in a critical hit. There is also a chance to get an extra attack. The chance for all of these are determined by your Wastelander's SPECIAL attributes, with an emphasis on agility and luck. (For more information on SPECIAL, see the SPECIAL section of this newsletter.)

  • The damage your attacks do is dependent on your equipped weapon base damage and how it is modified by your SPECIAL stats (differs for each equipment type - see other parts of this newsletter for details).

  • More types of attack options and more strategic choices are planned for release after launch.


  • Attempt to run away. This is a risk, as the chance for success is based on your Wastelander's agility and luck. Failing to run away will mean giving the enemy a free attack, which may result in death!


  • After defeating a monster, you may opt to range further, encountering another enemy.


  • After defeating an enemy successfully, you may opt to bank your earned TOX and return to the reach. This begins a 24 hour cooldown before the Wastelander may be used again.


  • If you are defeated by an enemy, this will be your only option. You will lose 3/4 of your earned TOX for the run. A 48-hour cooldown will begin for the Wastelander as they rest at the medical facility in the Reach.

Engaging with raids will result in TOX rewards as well as XP earned (and levels gained) for your Wastelander. In addition, enemies will have a small chance to drop equipment containers. Read on for more info about equipment!

The launch date for Raids and equipment will be announced soon on Discord and Twitter.

Equipment Series 1 \\

Equipment will launch alongside Raid mode.

  • Series 1 will consist of weapons and armor. Weapons will have a type (melee, ranged, energy) and a base damage range. Armors will have an armor rating.

  • The effectiveness of weapons for a given Wastelander will depend on their SPECIAL stats (see the section about SPECIAL in this newsletter.) Armors will work equally well for any wastelander.

  • Equipment will be found in sealed shipment containers. There are 12,000 equipment containers, which can be opened by owners or traded as sealed. A special location available on the Reach interactive map will allow the player to unlock the containers for a TOX fee.

  • 938 shipment containers will be dropped at a small % chance by killing enemies in Raid mode. Higher power enemies (found at higher levels) will have higher drop rates. We expect it to take some time for all of them to be found.

  • 2992 containers will be distributed to Wastelanders, 1 per Wastelander. This will be based on ID, splitting among wallets will not be of any help.

  • 40 containers will be distributed to 1:1 Story Character Wastelanders, 5 per 1:1. This will be based on ID, splitting among wallets will not be of any help.

  • 30 containers will be distributed to each Landmark holder, 10 per landmark (including the new Scrapyard landmark.)

  • 8,000 containers will be available for STX purchase.

  • Why so many pieces of equipment? Many of the equipment items will be lower in power or armor rating. A crafting mechanic is coming later on where Wastelanders will be able to, at a special location within the Reach, combine several items of lower tier equipment in exchange for a powerful variant using a schematic. Wastelanders with high Intelligence and Perception will have the best results when crafting.

  • We are committed to all pieces of equipment having high utility. Future equipment drops will not replace or be more powerful than the original set. Instead, they will serve as alternative and additional mechanics, and as rewards for crafting and other gameplay to enhance and reward the experience of owning the original equipment.

The launch date for Raids and equipment will be announced soon on Discord and Twitter.

New Benefits for Landmark Holders \\

The Scrapyard - home of all things trade related in the Reach, will soon be available via a STX auction.

Landmarks are amazing and beautiful 1:1 pieces of art created from scratch for the world of PROJECT INDIGO. Holders of landmarks will be able to visit various locations in the Reach and execute special privileges due to their ownership of these NFTs.

  • Additional drops when new collections launch (starting with equipment!)

  • Collect a portion of TOX lost by other players during failed raids

  • Enjoy free buffs within the locations owned

The next Landmark, the Scrapyard, will soon be available via a STX auction. The date of this auction will soon be announced on Discord and Twitter.

20% of the proceeds from this auction will go to the World Central Kitchen - a relief effort being run by Jose Andreas to provide food for victims of war and disaster.

SPECIAL System and Deep Gameplay Mechanics \\

The SPECIAL system lays the foundation for many complex gameplay mechanics. Perhaps the best way to explain it to those of you who are new to the world of PROJECT INDIGO is to take a look at a few case studies:

This Wastelander has extremely high strength and endurance. His Shock Wand and Carbon Armor traits, as well as his skin tone and laser eyes, are bonusing his SPECIAL stats in a way that makes him ideal for melee combat and soaking up damage. He also has a fairly high luck score, which will help him in a number of ways. Herbert will have:


  • More HP than most Wastelanders (strength, endurance, level)

  • More defense (monster damage reduction) than most Wastelanders (endurance)

  • More skill with melee weapons (more damage, more chance to hit with them) than most Wastelanders (strength)

  • More chance to successfully run away, make a critical attack, or get an extra attack (luck)


  • More chance to gamble successfully (luck, perception)

  • More chance to pass checks during special encounters for strength, luck, and endurance

This Wastelander has high intelligence due to his traits. He will have:


  • Higher damage and chance to hit with energy weapons (intelligence, perception)


  • Higher chance to pass checks during special encounters for intelligence

  • Better crafting results (intelligence, perception)

  • Better hacking results (intelligence)

This one has high perception and agility scores. He will have:


  • More damage and more chance to hit with ranged weapons (agility, perception)

  • Increased chance to run away and evade attacks (agility)

  • Increased chance to hit with any type of weapon (perception)

  • Increased chance to notice traps or other details (perception)


  • Better crafting results (intelligence, perception)

  • Better gambling results (luck, perception)

  • Higher chance to pass checks during special encounters for perception and agility

Wastelanders also have a level, which is raised via gaining experience points in Story and Raid modes. Right now, level affects hit points (life) and is a factor along with SPECIAL in skill (damage, chance to hit) with equipment. Higher level Wastelanders are also able to encounter higher level enemies and scenarios, which offer greater rewards. More mechanics are planned for Wastelander level in the future.

Those are just a few examples. We left out charisma because it will have (other than story encounter checks) special functionality beyond raid gameplay which is yet to be announced.

You can check your SPECIAL attributes and level at any time by using /stats <wastelander id> in Discord. Attributes and level are now also viewable on Gamma and Byzantion marketplaces! (Metadata is frozen, but we've worked with the marketplaces to display some of the game engine data such as this along with the NFT metadata.)

TOX Utility \\

The Junk Dealer will offer a number of items and services in exchange for TOX.

TOX, the currency of PROJECT INDIGO, is planned to have plenty of cool utility. Here are just a few of the planned concepts for TOX:

  • Pay a small TOX fee to spring the lock on equipment crates (found in Raids!) and open them.

  • Purchase items that buff or debuff temporarily, during raids

  • Pay a TOX fee to reduce cooldown so that more raids can be executed by the same Wastelander.

  • Pay a TOX fee to set a Wastelander's name

  • Purchase tickets for in-game events and raffled landmarks and other items.

  • Purchase future PROJECT INDIGO NFTs such as new characters, special items, and future equipment

  • Purchase or enter to win raffles for special NFTs from partner projects

  • Purchase decor and functional gameplay upgrades for an apartment at Diamond Hand Towers (details to be announced.)

That's all for today. Stay tuned to twitter and discord over the next couple of weeks.

See you in the Wasteland.

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