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PROJECT INDIGO - Newsletter 4

There are a few things to talk about this time that you will not want to miss:

  • Wastelanders find their unique strengths

  • The Reach comes alive in a newly imagined experience

  • On-demand gameplay takes shape

  • The continuation of Story Mode

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Wastelanders find their unique strengths

What makes a Wastelander special? Aesthetics? Rarity? Well, yes, but as it turns out, a lot more than that.

Within each Wastelander lies an aptitude for various things. Each character now carries with it a bunch of interesting new data:

  • XP - A measure of how much a character has accomplished in story mode and (upcoming) combat gameplay, as well as future gameplay modes. It is earned by playing the Project Indigo experiences. Wallet XP is no longer a thing - your characters have been retroactively awarded some XP for the chapters they have completed so far.

  • Level - Derived from XP, certain things will become available to you at certain level thresholds. Levels will also be a factor towards hit points (life) of a character

    Wastelanders now each also carry a set of attributes, determined by their traits:

  • STRENGTH, which will be used to determine melee combat power (when using upcoming melee equipment), as well as certain other checks

  • PERCEPTION, which will be used to determine ranged combat power (when using upcoming ranged equipment), as well as accuracy and awareness

  • ENDURANCE, which will be used as a factor to determine hit points, as well as general toughness of a character

  • CHARISMA, which will be used as a factor in convincing others and in certain encounters

  • INTELLIGENCE, which will be used as a factor in using energy weapons (found in upcoming equipment drop) , hacking, crafting, and other gameplay elements

  • AGILITY, which will be used to determine chances to run, evade, or do things requiring manual dexterity

  • LUCK, which will be used as a factor in skills and actions, and chance to encounter special events during raids

Curious about your Wastelander's attributes? Try /stats <wastelander id> in Discord.

These attributes will be visible on marketplaces as well as Discord and our web site, and will simplify the project Indigo Experience. Rather than tracking what a given trait does, attributes will be used for most gameplay elements going forward. A simple new rule applies - higher for a given attribute is better. Generally, rarer traits give higher bonuses to attributes.

There's much more to talk about, but we will save it for next time.

*Attributes are not yet 100% final, we are balancing them ahead of the next gameplay features launch.

The Reach comes alive

The entire vision for the experience of Project Indigo continues to evolve in exciting ways.

The entry point for Project Indigo gameplay will become a full-screen interactive map, where you can visit various locations and talk to the various key citizens of the reach, as well as characters who have appeared in Story Mode, who may offer combat or non-combat quests, story interactions, or sell valuable buffs or items (including NFTs), as well as other interesting things not yet announced.

This interactive map will become the starting point for our entire experience.

Among the visitable locations planned are:

  • City Hall (Kana)

  • The Scrapyard (Junk Dealer)

  • Former Police Headquarters (Marcus)

  • The Science Lab (Eugene)

  • Haven (Dream)

  • Others, which we will get into later on

On-demand gameplay takes shape

An MVP version of Raid Mode is coming along. The initial release is planned to allow you to take one Wastelander at a time on a journey outside the reach in an effort to battle various threats, allowing you to level up characters and earn TOX. We expect this feature to be released in late April. Raid Mode will expand over time to feature more complexity, features, and encounter types.

Initially, Wastelander stats will play a simple role in Raid Mode; raising attack, chances to evade hits, or run away. Later on, stats will combine with skills and equipment to create highly customized and deep gameplay experiences.

Equipment NFTs will come shortly after Raid Mode is released. Equipment is planned to be discoverable in a few ways:

  • Battling monsters (special drops will be redeemable for NFTs at a location on the interactive Reach map shown above)

  • Purchasing openable "packs" of equipment NFTs for STX

  • Purchasing individual NFTs for TOX, at the Scrapyard's Junk Dealer

Equipment series 1 will be comprised of ranged weapons, which are bonused by perception, melee weapons, bonused by strength, energy weapons, bonused by intelligence, and armor which raises DEF. Several unique weapons will be hidden among the items.

Shown: Crispin's Cross, one of the powerful unique pieces of melee equipment.

Story mode continues

The next chapter of Story Mode is shaping up nicely from a writing perspective. Wastelanders will visit the Scrapyard in an effort to prepare for their excursions, in an effort to assist Eugene with his research.

The next chapter be our longest yet and will take a bit longer than usual to prepare, as we are preparing Raid Mode for launch, as well as the attributes and other gameplay elements that we feel will enhance the overall Indigo experience. Announcements will come when we have an ETA for the next chapter.

Catch us at Bitcoin Unleashed!

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