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Halfway to the moon

In the same way that Jules Verne aimed for the moon and ended up with 10k clones all over the place, our project didn't go exactly as planned. We are however very happy with how it all went, no little thanks to our awesome community (yes, you).

In just under a week, we are the 5th biggest project in number of hodlers and generated a volume of around 40k STX on the secondary market.

We were able to raise 200k STX for Sigle so far. Some have asked if raising 22% of the total amount would be enough to bring Sigle to life. Well, although we might not be able to move as fast as we had hoped, we can still go ahead and make the project a reality.

We are so proud of our technical and artistic achievements on this project. It is thrilling to see so many people on Twitter using their explorers as PFPs and the amount of positive feedback we received has been amazing. Quentin’s caffeine overdose was definitely worth it.

But feedback isn’t always only good, and it is extremely important to us to acknowledge your concerns, whatever they might be. We listened to every piece of feedback we received and we now know that a 10k collection might have been a little ambitious in the current ecosystem. With all of that in mind, we have made the decision to stop the minting either once we’ve reached 2500 mints or on Tuesday at 6pm GMT+1, whichever comes first.

What will happen to the rest of the collection?

Well, once the mint is paused, we’d like to consider various possibilities regarding the remaining 7.5k Jules, and make a decision with you and get your thoughts on the matter.

There are now 275 Jules Verne left before we pause the minting. Head over to explorerguild.io to get your own.

To all of you who have joined the Guild, something special is coming. We’d again like to thank you for being part of the adventure and making Sigle a reality.

Léo, Artūrs and Quentin

*Stopping at exactly 2500 is technically challenging. We’ll do our best, but it might end up being a few more depending on the network.

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