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Finding rarity

Rarity ranking

When we released the explorers our mind was focused mostly on the unique combinations and narratives that can be built around each of the characters. While most certainly some attributes are rarer than others, the "looks" of each explorer is what we personally value the most and we thought you would too.

However you, the community, had a very different take on this. We have again decided to act on your feedback and release the rarity ranking of The Explorer Guild Collection.

Explorer rarity ranking explained

In order to provide you with the best and most qualitative ranking, we did a lot of research regarding different rarity calculation methods.

Our ranking algorithm is heavily based on a simple math formula [Rarity Score for a Trait Value] = 1 / ([Number of Items with that Trait Value] / [Total Number of Items in Collection]) [Weight].

If you are familiar with, this formula is used when ordering the rarity of the collections (you can read more here. But while this formula is working quite well, it mostly favours the pieces with attributes. In our collection, we wanted the matching colours of the various attributes to be reflected in the ranking.

Here is a more detailed explanation of the ranking rules we set for our collection:

1. Rarity of the various traits

a. Normal skin colours = Weight 1

b. Skin - Interstellar and Skin - Hell = Weight 1.25

c. Skin - Mummy, Skin - Zombie and Skin - Reptile = Weight 1.5

2. Rarity of the number of attributes = Weight 1

3. Rarity of the matching colours = - Weight 0.5

a. Background - Sunflower / Skin - Yellow / No Facial Hair

b. Background - Sky / Skin - Blue / No Facial Hair

c. Background - Turquoise / Skin - Alien / No Facial Hair

d. Background - Coral / Skin - Hell / No Facial Hair

e. Background - Indigo / Skin - Interstellar / No Facial Hair

f. Background - Concrete / Skin - Interstellar Light / No Facial Hair

g. Background - Sunflower / Skin - Cyborg Yellow / No Facial Hair

h. Background - Sky / Skin - Cyborg Blue / No Facial Hair

i. Background - Turquoise / Skin - Cyborg Alien / No Facial Hair

j. Background - Gold / Hair - One of the Blond ones / Facial Hair - One of the Blond ones

k. Background - Tangerine / Hair - One of the Ginger ones / Facial Hair - One of the Ginger ones

l. Background - Pink / Hair - One of the Pink ones / Facial Hair - One of the Pink ones

m. Background - Mint / Hair - One of the Green ones / Facial Hair - One of the Green ones

n. Background - Classic / Hair - One of the Grey or White ones / Facial Hair - One of the Grey or White ones

4. Rarity of what we call the "clean" Jules, simple Explorers without any attributes = Weight 2

Mummies have been awakened from death

During the testing of rarity tools, we discovered something that is probably one of the worst things you can discover if you have released an NFT project. There was a small bug on four Explorer mummies. They had mouth and eyes layers added, which should not have been there.

At this point, our first thought was "Kill me now". While this is very far from ideal, as the metadata is not yet Stored on Arweave, a fix is still possible.

As replacing the image of the wrong Mummies means breaking the provenance hash, the broken ones will be uploaded to Arweave as well as the fixed images, you will be able to access the fixed ones like this ar://<arweave-hash>/573.png and the original image like this ar://<arweave-hash>/573-original.png. The four Mummies affected are IDs 147, 573, 1319 and 2492.

Rarity rank is live, what's next?

Head over to discover the ranking.

It is time for us to go back to creating the on-chain voting smart-contract which will determine what happens to the rest of the explorer squad.

Happy exploring. ⚡️

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