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Writing is an exploration of what happens when we make a decision to open up our inner thoughts and ideas to the outside world. Any written piece makes a journey from somewhere within our minds to paper or nowadays more often to beautifully converted 0s and 1s on our screens. Making each and every single writer an explorer of the unlimited possibilities that happen during this journey.

The most beautiful part is that each and every explorer is different in a multitude of ways. Some are exploring "regular writing about a certain topic" journey, some are going through "I will write once in a while" journey and then in another dimension there are "I write what's real" and "I will try to come up with the most ridiculous sci-fi plots" journeys. Outcomes, forms and shapes vary, but there are two unifying elements: explorers and their journey.

We can't call Sigle home of explorers because they are always on the road to discover new topics to write about, new ways to shape their stories. However from time to the explorers intersect with each other and exchange their paths, struggles and successes as all of them slowly approach the big bang of Web 2.0 after which everyone will find their place. Somewhere on Web 3.0 galaxy.

Just chatting over beers, coffee or mysterious fantasy serums was fine for a while, but now they have decided to form an organisation: THE EXPLORER GUILD. After carefully thinking about the common recognition elements of the guild, they have come up with an answer. Heavily inspired by their visions and a vision of a very well-known writer the idea of 10 000 unique explorer NFT collection that will grant you access to THE EXPLORER GUILD was born.

Apart from the inspiration that the unique explorer token will provide you, it will give you an absolutely free pass to the premium features that Sigle will introduce in following months and years to come.
Are you ready to become a part of THE EXPLORER GUILD?
If yes,
join us on Discord.

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