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Highway to hell

Firstly, we really appreciate all of your support. For the team it means the world and we are determined to always stay in touch with the community. With few rather big decisions happening in a very short span of time, we always kept in mind the responsibility we have for you, our community.

We were really impressed by the sophisticated ideas you came up with as to what could happen with the 7497 un-minted explorers. It was awesome to see the hive mind in work when responses and suggestions sometimes were long enough to make a separate blog post for it. Despite the differences in opinions, the community-ideas channel was really buzzing and we loved it. We were certain something great would come out of it.

Here you can read more about the idea behind on-chain vote and the reasonings behind the two options that made it to the vote.


33% of all explorers participated in the vote and while that is less than half, it met our threshold of 30% for the vote to count. Vast majority of participants voted for option one which means the following:

  • 7000 explorers will be burned.

  • 497 more minted to be distributed among well-known Medium/Substack writers and through writing contests over the next years.

  • Ghost Museum built: discover and appreciate the burned Explorers.

  • We will release a female explorer collection later on.

  • Burn party

In the following days we will let you know the exact technicalities of how the process will happen and you will most definitely be able to see it happening on the Stacks Explorer. It will be sad to see them go for sure and there is some sentiment, but ultimately we believe that we are doing the right thing for you, the community and the Sigle platform.

We will keep listening to you and being transparent with our decisions no matter the magnitude.

Future is bright for both the explorer NFT collection and the Sigle writing platform.

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