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2021: Time for big resolutions

Happy new year! 🥳

What a year, friends!

There is a lot to say. This has been a great year for us and many of you have joined us on Sigle.
First of all, we would like to thank you for joining the adventure and for your involvement.

Before talking about this new year and what’s coming up, let’s take a look at what happened for Sigle in 2020.

2020 in numbers

  • 133.000 unique visitors
  • 222.700 page views
  • Also, in December, a Sigler’s story got more than 100k unique page views alone, we didn’t experience any downtime and we were able to handle this traffic without issues. We’re confident that we can do much much more 🚀.

    What’s next for 2021?

    In 2021 we are planning to add the following features:

    1. Custom domain names - You will be able to link your own domain to your blog.
    2. Analytics - Thanks to our Fathom integration we will be able to provide privacy focused analytics for your stories (views, referrer, etc..).
    3. New editor with mobile support - We are going to replace SlateJs with ProseMirror in order to provide the best writing experience possible.
    4. Social media sharing - Your readers will be able to share your work more easily.
    5. Custom favicon - Along with your domain name you will be able to use your own favicon to make your site unique.
    6. Paid plan - We want to make the project sustainable. In order to do so we will introduce a paid plan that will contain premium features.

    Let’s all build a more respectful and privacy focused internet together, stay safe everyone!

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