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Nov 183 min read

Our Roadmap

Explain in a synthetic way (3 to 4 lines maximum) what your project is and what its purpose is as if you had to present what you do to a stranger in the street.

Example: Sigle is a decentralised and open-source writing platform made for Web3 content creators. Shape your community, grow your brand, and make your stories come to life.

What is "your project"?

Write a detailed description of your project. You can, for example, take the description summarised in the previous paragraph and provide more information about the use of your product or the benefits it will bring to your users.

Example: Sigle is the place where content creators and projects on Web3 like to write. The technology we use allows to publish long articles on a powerful editor in a totally decentralised way.

When you write on Sigle, your published articles are stored forever on the blockchain and belong only to you. We can't interfere with your articles or even your account, which makes our platform totally uncensorable.


List your key features. You can list the most important features of your project in bullet point form as in the example below:


  • Fully decentralised

  • We CANNOT censor/ban you (or one of your articles) or block your funds

  • Your articles are stored forever on the blockchain

  • ...

Milestones for "your project".

This is where you will finally be able to list your monthly goals to give an idea of the next steps for your project and upcoming feature releases. Since these are milestones, you can specify that the dates are goals, not commitments.

We advise you to start with an introduction.

Example: The following milestones represent different releases of Sigle on Ceramic Network. The dates are targets, not commitments. Please join our mailing list or Discord Server (add link) to find out when new releases go live.

Available Early November

List your personal goals and expectations for this period.

Available Early December

List your personal goals and expectations for this period.

Available Q1 2023

List your personal goals and expectations for this period.

Tips: Listing upcoming features as bullet points helps make them easier to read.

Finally, to finish your roadmap, you can make a global summary or simply say that this article will be modified during the year.

Example: As you can see, we have high expectations for the end of the year and we will do our best to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

This roadmap is not intended to be set in stone and may be modified during the year.

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