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about Smartists & MIRLOS

About Smartists…

This Artists on the web3 newsletter got started to bring the news about Smartists, a startup building solutions for independent self-managed artists on the web3. After failing to develop the DApp we envisioned, Smartists remains today as a community with a limited presence:

In our last newsletter, we introduced MIRLOS, a new community founded with a project in mind. Such project could never have been possible without all we have learned in the last two years while working in Smartists. So, you can somehow think of it like of a spin off.

About Mirlos…

Like for Smartists, the first idea for MIRLOS was born in an artist’s studio,

Like for Smartists, MIRLOS is inviting artists and creators from different fields, but this time the goal is to create a digital library of contents and resources for self-education with a special focus in the Arts and the Humanities.

The MIRLOS community is actually unique for educators, because it is only in the Internet of Value, the Bitcoin web3. This is a bold challenge, but at Mirlo Studio we believe it is just a coherent decision to defend freedom in education.

The Smartists project provided a lot of understanding about the new blockchain-powered opportunities, and we also have had the chance to test some of the available tools 🧰. We can already choose very efficient and user friendly apps for communication and research in the community. See the ones we plan to use below:

Starting with our introduction in Substack newsletters,

  • App.console → the Chat for all members of our MIRLOS community where you can get more information, participate in our project and get to know other members looking for collaborations…

  • Xverse Wallet → access to app Console and to the world of Bitcoin NFTs that we use for token gated contents…

  • BlockSurvey → Comunications, membership forms, feedback y access to special contents which are token-gated.

  • Sigle → Blog

  • Gamma → Digital Collectibles and NFTs for token gating special contents and activities.

    + Nostr, which we are still exploring to see what exactly will suit us best…

Therefore, since we want to grow our MIRLOS community in the web3, we have just open our space in the app.Console, and we will soon leave the Smartists Discord server. So we invite you to visit our MIRLOS community in Console with your wallet.


If you have a Mirlo NFT from our original collection, you can use it now with MIRLOS. With your Mirlo NFT you will have access to the project and bring your views, suggestions, etc. and you will be able to vote, and from there we can together consider even more utilities.

We’ll be sharing more about MIRLOS here, and we are also looking forward to hearing from any artists on the web3 who want to share their experiences in this publication.

See you soon…

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