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Sep 041 min read

The Smartists BLOG

This is a Blog with relevant information about the development of our the dApp Smartists, and other articles supporting the Smartists mission and vision.

We intend to share here our journey building the best solutions for independent artists on the web3. And we also want to open the doors to any 'Smartists Pioneer' who may want to bring their views, and take over with their own articles.

To know more about Smartists you can go to the community landing page,, containing all relevant links to our project.

After this light intro, we will bring a summary of the meeting hosted by Smartists founder Georgina Mauriño, as explained by herself in her own Blog, Towards the Internet of Value.
Reading and or watching the videos included in the Summary of the Smartists Agora, you can know about the beginnings of Smartists as well as have an overview of our present moment, where we are entering a new stage of development, facing new challenges while looking to build our beta.

Thank you for reading!

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