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Independent Artists · 4 USE CASES

NOTE. This is an article in progress. You will find the description of 4 'personas' that we would love to use our webApp Smartists. We wondered what Smartists could do for them, and what kind of license would each of them be ready to provide with some of their NFTs?... These lines will be updated with the answers to these questions we will gather over time. You can help us on our research and find out the best solutions by commenting in our Forum.

Miguel Angel, photographer and writer

Miguel Ángel is a traveler, storyteller and photographer who has started a journey as scriptwriter too.
Since he learned about the new possibility of selling some of his works directly via NFTs, he has been looking for a place to start making deals, and towards which he can direct his clients.
His career is primarily as an independent photographer for magazines, and now he is ready to license some of his new photos for Public Display online. He actually wants to make a name for himself and build his reputation in this new online market.  

Moreover, Miguel Angel would like to find a place to exchange ideas with colleagues and clients, as he is thinking of new projects using NFTs, but he is looking for a secure space where he is in control of the content and confidentiality is agreed.

CosmiK, THE artist

CosmiK is an artist who designs complete artistic events where images in large scale are projected to provide new landscapes and scenarios for performances outdoors and indoors.   
Her clients go from Cirque du Soleil to ArteNOVA…
These clients usually just need to DISPLAY Cosmik’s images. 

PianoMAN, Pianist and Composer

PianoMan specialises in making variations on popular themes at his piano.    
He applies sense of humour to classical tunes and also plays with pop covers he transforms in a way only a few can recognise, and this is part of a very successful show he plays in local cafés. 

Lately he has been approached by ARTEcafé, a sort of Starbucks, which is updating the experience in their cafés around the world. The company will need to use the Tokens and their related Masters to Display and Copy, so they can set the same experience all around the world. But they don’t need to make any changes or adaptations. They just want the licenses to be exclusive and commercial. For The Piano Man this is a great opportunity. Even though he does not like to provide the license to copy, this is an exclusive license opportunity and the time scope is limited, he is ready to provide them the license they want.

GM, Writer and Illustrator

GM is a writer illustrator working in Transmedia projects where she has the chance to meet artists from different fields, especially musicians, digital editors, publishers and producers.  
She likes to work independently in her own projects and then propose her narratives for join ventures. She needs to be able to license her work to publishers, and also to content creators and producers.
She also knows that some of her clients may want to make different kind of merchandise (T-shirts and other) adapting some of her illustrations.

Georgina Mauriño, author-illustrator and co-founder of Smartists.

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