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Important UPDATE · Smartists Licenses and more...

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Dear Smartists,

In case you have not being following us during the past months, and also if you are interested in the future of Smartists, this is an important update.

As explained in our news 🗞️ , this Q2 we are trying to achieve three main goals, and I am on my way.

We have a first use-case for our licenses: Mirlo Music Smartists Licenses.

As you know these licenses are the result of a long research process from the legal point of view and the understanding of what blockchain technology can do for independent artists-authors. After failing to develop the DApp we envisioned, this is a much humbler solution, with a far from good user experience, but which we need to share (and if possible test*) to get some feedback from our community members. This is actually what I have been able to do with the tools I have - Gamma and BlockSurvey- and the generous involvement of Mirlo.Studio. I am very grateful for the advice and support from some members of the community. They know…

You can have a look into how Mirlo is introducing the Smartists Licenses in their studio:

* IMPORTANT NOTE at the time of writing these lines. We have not been able to list for sale our licenses yet. We are actually depending on Gamma which sometimes does not allow some NFTs to be listed, for the reasons explained in this article. This is a main issue for our purposes, and brings many questions about what decentralization actually means… Nevertheless I know we are all building new experiences in the new web3, and I understand precautions are needed.

Whatever happens with this example…

I hope it can bring some attention about the solutions that independent creators like Mirlo are seeking. And maybe we will be lucky enough to find some technical support to develop the actual tools we need as independent creators.

PERSONAL NOTE. As an author myself, who is aware of the possibilities of this technology, I feel it somehow frustrating to be unable to make the solutions I envision. Moreover, it is also disappointing to see that I anticipated most of the problems that are emerging now about IP management in famous NFTs collections, and no one listened. This is making me reconsider my contribution to the development of this new Internet of Value. I am actually considering there might be a place for me, where I can be more useful.

I am happy to share any details about Mirlo Music Smartists Licenses with anyone of you in the community. You can set an appointment with me here.

Finally, I have been trying to communicate every step of our journey since 2020 with a community that has very little engagement lately. I am very sorry for not being better at that, and I am afraid this is getting harder every day for me. Therefore, I feel the time is coming for me to step down from this post. So, if there is anyone in our community reading these lines who wants to take my place as Community Lead, please dm me.

At the end of this Q2 we need to decide on the future of Smartists, and I would like to do it with those who still believe in our mission.

Thank you for reading these lines,

Georgina Mauriño

Smartists - Founder and Community Lead

Personal Website.

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