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The Sock Monster

Sock Monster - No utility - The Sock tinkers, just for fun

The Sock Monster Ordinals started with Inscription #1396

Do you want to make money, look the other way; money is not our focus.

It all started with one adult and two kids playing over breakfast, using a Sock to improvise a puppet: "Drink your milk, little monster!".

Photos of the Sock Monster puppet were modified and beautified using various methods and originally released as a free mint on the Stacks Blockchain. All of these were later inscribed, and holders now have the option to claim their ordinal inscription by paying a very small fee to the Sock to cover the inscription costs.

Do they have any utility? NOOOOO! But we want to build a community around them made of people that care about Science, Education, and Building real things that can make a change.

Where to get one: Ordinals Sock Monster

Find us on Twitter and Discord

What is the Sock up to?

  • The Sock wants to learn, have fun, and make Frens.

  • The Sock is an active member of the Curator Collective, which aims at linking physical and digital art through Inscriptions and NFTs. The Curator Collective partners with artists of physical pieces and creates NFT collections associated with them. Each NFT is a unique artistic variation of the original piece, and it gives voting rights on the fate of physical art.

  • The Sock participated in the Messi Ordinals Fractional Painting, two of the Inscriptions have Socks in it!

  • The Sock plans to get more involved in Science education, especially for kids.

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