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Meet Stacks Australia

The Beginnings

Date: Thu, Feb 24, 2022 at 8:28 AM

Breaking News at The School of Bitcoin

STX AUS chapter founder ...... Kieran Nolan

“On behalf of the Stacks Foundation, I would like to formally congratulate you on establishing a new chapter of STX in Australia.”

STXAUS is born

The Mission

Since then we are on a mission to expand the Stacks Community, connect people and projects, create opportunities for learners, enhance opportunities for founders bring utility, beyond P2P payments, to Bitcoin.

So what is Stacks

Stacks is a layer-1 blockchain that connects to Bitcoin and brings smart contracts and decentralized apps to it. Smart contracts and apps developed on the Stacks platform are natively integrated with the security, stability, and economic power of Bitcoin. Simply put it brings utility to Bitcoin.

Our goals for 2023

Our Philosophy

LEARN Ӿ ₿uild Ӿ Support

Date: Wed, March 15, 2023 at 6:05 PM

The Stacks Experience

Our experience so far has been a first class ride. Exploring Stacks many parts is a total adventure.

Today we have many friends, are growing a team of developers, support a number of founders, creators, and community builders. In recognition of our people

Special Thanks… getting started

Thanks to @eliherf1 for the amazing work you did to help us kick off. So grateful to have you in the Australia Community.

Who is Building STX AUS

Gordon @1770 STX AUS chapter lead

@KieranDNolan (Chief Educator)

@Electra_Frost (CFO and WEB3 business applications support)

@ttiiggss (Bitcoin CTO)

Karen (Our wisdom wizard)

Creators, writers and artists, educators and contributors






and many more incoming through all the hard amazing advocacy for stacks by these contributors

Clarity Developers







and many more incoming

Product Specialists


Mining and Nodes




Twitter Spaces Host …….. Community Builder, Art and tech lover



Events …….. Bitcoin and Blockchain Clubs at Universities

@hxp117 @dorazele

Stacks Mentors and OGs







@Akasharosa and many more so far.

Our Biggest Fan

Special thanks to the theLight.btc

Welcoming new Comers
Thanks to all the new participants, explorers all the crew at Decentralize Everything and advocates of Stacks Australia



Thanks to @jennyrmith for all the support, training, guidance and connections provided to us and believing in us all.

Road Map


Griffith University Gold Coast


Venture Studio DLTx Brisbane Australia



STX AUS Projects

The School of Bitcoin

Accountants on Chain

Game Changers

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