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STX:LDN Becomes First Multi-tier Membership NFT in HeyLayer Multipass!

STX:LDN Member NFT Drop! đź‘€

At our launch event, we mentioned STX:LDN member passes, which have certain benefits for community members.

We've partnered with NFT Clothing Club, HeyLayer and Xverse to bring the concept to life!

With the help of our partners, we have created a set of unique 1/1 digital design works, modelled after the NFT Clothing Club upcoming Genesis collection!

The STX:LDN member NFT drop features 312 NFTCC Genesis-inspired snapback caps with 3 tiers of membership available.

The extra exciting part is that our event attendees have first dibs on the collection! 

The Collection

312 unique 1/1 snapback caps, with 8 traits.


  • 104 FREE STX:LDN Member digital design NFTs

  • Event Q Jump 

  • Access to exclusive promotions/discounts and beta testing of Stacks based partner applications

TIER 2 - VIP - 125 STX

  • 104 STX:LDN VIP digital design NFTs

  • Tier 1 benefits

  • Community Rewards

  • VIP area access at STX:LDN events

TIER 3 - VIP Stacker - 200 STX

  • 104 STX:LDN VIP Stacker digital design NFTs

  • Tier 1+2 benefits

  • Access Community Stacking Pool (Coming Soon)

  • Governance Voting (DAO coming Q4 2022)

  • First drink FREE at any STX:LDN event

  • First to whitelist (Early whitelisting access to partner product/NFT launches)

  • Standard Physical Genesis Prototype Cap

Minting Schedule

The initial minting phase will see previous attendees and attendees of our August event have the ability to claim from 5th August 2022. Our whitelist for non-attendees wishing to claim will also be made public on the same day.

The whitelist will be open for 1 week, between 5th August and 12th August 2022.

Whitelisted addresses, will be able to claim from 15th August 2022 and claims will stay open for 48hrs before moving on to the public mint.

Once public mint is reached, memberships will be available on HeyLayer and the Stacks open marketplace.

  • 5th August 2022 - Launch Event Attendee Claims

  • 8th August 2022 - Whitelist Open

  • 15th August 2022 - Whitelist Claim

  • 17th August 2022 - Public Mint - 18th August

Watch the trailer here!

Keep an eye out for updates via our blog, Twitter and Discord to stay up to speed with the drop.

Thanks for supporting STX:LDN!



How to get one?

Currently, claims will only be open to attendees of our earliest events. However, our whitelist will open on 5th August 2022, so be sure to jump in our Discord before the opening, to ensure that you get a spot!

Why join the whitelist?

We're giving the opportunity to claim a free membership to our earliest attendees and supporters. Joining the whitelist puts you 48hrs ahead of the mint portal going public.

Will I need a Stacks Wallet to claim?

No, but if you want to secure your NFT in a non-custodial fashion, you will need a Stacks Wallet.

Which wallet do you recommend?

Currently we only recommend two wallets for claiming your NFT (titles link to download):

Xverse Wallet (Mobile)

Your gateway to Bitcoin web3 apps powered by Stacks.

Xverse is the best way to connect to DeFi, NFTs and other decentralized applications built using Stacks and secured by Bitcoin.

Xverse is a non-custodial wallet meaning only you have full control over your assets. Connect with the Xverse community on Discord.

Hiro Wallet (Desktop|Browser)

Store, stack and connect with apps in the Stacks ecosystem, from your browser or on your desktop.

Hiro Wallet provides everything you need to securely manage your tokens and collectibles.

Ledger hardware support provides extra security and peace of mind. Hiro Wallet software is audited, reliable and safe. Join the Hiro/Stacks community on Discord.

STX:LDN is a Stacks Blockchain advocates meetup group organising Bitcoin & Stacks educational events in and around London, UK.

Stacks is a Layer 1 blockchain solution, that recycles Bitcoin's POW algorithm, without the consumption of extra energy.

Centric on the original vision of Bitcoin, Stacks provides the capability to build dApps, NFT’s and DeFi applications utilising the unique decentralization and security of the Bitcoin blockchain. -- Learn More

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