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Speaker Announcement #2 - 11/08/22 - Vladimir Arutyunyan, Fox Williams LLP

Vladimir Arutyunyan speaks on Intellectual Property and NFTs at STX:LDN August!👨‍⚖️

As the days are counting down to STX:LDN August, we continue to speak with some amazing individuals and project leaders within the Web3 space.

One of the discussions that is hot in the NFT space at the moment is Intellectual Property and the lawfulness of Smart Contracts in the light of IP disputes, so connecting with Vlad has been very interesting to say the least.

Who are Fox Williams?

The company itself is one of the leading London law firms working within the crypto space, with a great level of insight into the current legal changes surrounding Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto.

Fox Williams is a leading law firm based in London and is trusted by clients to provide quality advice with a high level of partner involvement and an astute commercial focus. Fox Williams is especially active in eight key sectors including fintech.

We have significant expertise specifically in relation to crypto, web3 and blockchain in which our intellectual property, commercial, and data privacy team also plays a large role. We work not only with established businesses and financial institutions, but also with start-ups where we advise on crucial initial steps in brand protection, commercial contract terms, regulatory compliance and data protection.  

Working within the realms of research on IP in the light of the recent NFT trend, Vlad is very knowledgeable in this area and certainly no stranger to the Stacks ecosystem.

We are delighted to have Vlad speak with our attendees and patrons at our upcoming STX:LDN August 11th event!

To ensure your spot at our August event. Register for your FREE tickets via our Meetup and Eventbrite pages!

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