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Action Replay: STX:LDN — Fashion For Every Reality!

Thanks for your support!🙏🙌

Just over a week ago, we launched STX:LDN in the heart of London, at GiGi's Hoxton, officially bringing the Stacks community to the UK and we couldn't have done it without the help of all the stackers, attendees and speakers interested in expanding the Stacks community to the shores of the United Kingdom.

Aside from a few technical issues and the hold-up of London traffic, the event went pretty well and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the night.

We'd like to give a massive thank you to everyone supporting us so far!


We will be following up with a feature piece on how we brought the event together and why we decided to build STX:LDN.

Although we have only just started, we are working hard to follow our objectives and mission, of education, creation and collaboration and will soon share our 2022/23 roadmap, so make sure you have your calendar ready!📅

Many Thanks!

We'd like to thank all of the speakers who turned up to educate people on what they are doing to better the NFT space and for Web3 communities overall!

Much appreciation goes out to those who are working tirelessly everywhere across the cryptosphere to explore, discover, learn and educate, as we continue forward in this technological and monetary revolution.💪

For the people...

If you attended our launch event or received the HeyLayer newsletter (pictured below) you would have heard us speaking about the STX:LDN membership NFTs we are creating in partnership with NFT Clothing Club, HeyLayer and Xverse.

The first collection consists of 312 1/1 NFTs, inspired by NFT Clothing Club's upcoming Genesis collection.

Split into 3 tiers (Free, VIP and VIP Stacker), each tier comes with its own inherent benefits for STX:LDN events and within the Stacks ecosystem.

The drop will be carried out in 3 parts (Attendee, Whitelist, Public) over 3 weeks, with attendees of our launch event being the first to have a chance at securing one of the first 104 for FREE!

This will then be followed by those who have whitelisted and shortly after made available to the public.

Full details will be announced very soon, so look out for the whitelist link, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord, to stay up to date with the drop announcements!

Up Next!

Our next event is to be held on 11th August 2022 at one of London's newest and most popular crypto and technology hubs, DLT Lounge, in the heart of London's Canary Wharf.

Be sure to register your interest via our Website, Meetup or Eventbrite to get updates and notifications.

See you there!

STX:LDN is a Stacks Blockchain advocates meetup group organising Bitcoin & Stacks educational events in and around London, UK.

Stacks is a Layer 1 blockchain solution, that recycles Bitcoin's POW algorithm, without the consumption of extra energy.

Centric on the original vision of Bitcoin, Stacks provides the capability to build dApps, NFT’s and DeFi applications utilising the unique decentralization and security of the Bitcoin blockchain. -- Learn More

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