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The Ghost of Kyiv

My first post on Sigle, and I don't think it could have been for a better reason.

First, a note from the artist:

Some have pointed out to me that The Ghost of Kyiv was not real. The Ghost of Kyiv, it may have been made up, however, when I drew this picture I thought the story of The Ghost of Kyiv was ironically metaphorical to Ukraine and her populations stand to defend themselves when they are completely at odds with their enemy in every way. To me, each Ukrainian embodies the Ghost of Kyiv. This is my small attempt to glorify their efforts.

Who am I?

My name is Jack Napolitano, a 28 year old living in Arlington, Virginia, spending way too much time on discord..

I stumbled upon Megapont sometime before the mint, and since then, I have become a huge fan of the Stacks ecosystem and community. Ever since seeing the success of Megapont and the wonderful community it has created, I have had the itch to build/launch something on Stacks. In that process, I reached out to an artist I came across named Tyler Foust, with the idea of bringing his art to Stacks. All that is still in the works, and this is not intended to be a shill so I apologize for that.

I was scrolling Instagram and saw that Tyler had created a piece to honor the Ukrainian pilot now being dubbed "The Ghost of Kyiv". It then dawned on me that we should launch a charity mint and donate the proceeds to the Ukrainian Bitcoin Address that has been published on the official Ukrainian twitter account. I spend the day exploring if it was possible to integrate LNSwap with Jamil from STXNFT and others. This would have potentially given us the ability to send Bitcoin directly to the address without having to go through a Centralized exchange. However, it seems we are not at the point where this integration is totally seamless, so our approach for this charity mint will be to send the funds to an CEX, and then trade the STX for BTC, and then send the funds to the Ukraine BTC fund.

The Mint:

Using STXNFT's create collection function, Jamil helped me get the collection online. It can be found here.

This is not intended to be a mint people can profit on. You are making a donation if you decide to participate.

I want to be crystal clear about this. All the funds will be going to the Ukraine BTC address. I am not making any money on this, nor is Tyler. Please do not come to me asking for a roadmap, there is no roadmap. This is to raise money for the ongoing efforts in Ukraine. All funds in the SP2QBTCPJP98HQVMH3BNHY0Y08DYGJR2XQQSMGAVS address will be periodically donated. I am not yet sure of how often this will be, but I am not going to be sitting on a pile of STX for long periods of time. Once the funds get to a reasonable amount, I will make the donations and will provide proof in the appropriate channels. I have created a channel for this in the "Tyler Foust Art" discord.

The Art:

Tyler created the following piece titled "The Ghost of Kyiv":

Although you will see 10,000 available on STXNFT, we reserve the right to increase this number on the off chance this mints out (I am guessing that is unlikely), in an effort to raise more funds for Ukraine. If you would like to donate more that 25 STX, which is the mint price, feel free to mint more or send funds to SP2QBTCPJP98HQVMH3BNHY0Y08DYGJR2XQQSMGAVS!

That's All Folks!

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