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CityCoins and the future of decentralized media - Newsletter #1

What is CityCoiner?

Since its inception, The CityCoiner has been a reliable and trustworthy source of information for all things related to CityCoins, whether you're looking for the latest news and developments or want to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the CityCoins ecosystem.

Welcome to the first edition of the CityCoiner Newsletter. The CityCoiner is a community-led media outlet conducted by a passionate team of experts committed to providing valuable insights into how CityCoins impacts our community.

In addition to news coverage, we host regular discussions, Twitter spaces, and podcasts, supporting our mission to provide you with the information you need to make the most of CityCoins.

The CityCoiner Podcast 01

The inaugural CityCoiner Podcast is now online: "Using CityCoins to Help Cities Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis" with Mel Anic - Core Contributor at Theopetra now available in audio and video on

CityCoins 2.0

CityCoins Community Lead Patrick Stanley presents a vision for CityCoins 2.0: Ideas collected from many community discussions to further decentralize the CityCoins protocol and achieve faster city activation and capital deployment. 

CityCoins Community Lead Patrick Stanley presents a vision for CityCoins 2.0: Ideas collected from many community discussions to further decentralize the CityCoins protocol and achieve faster city activation and capital deployment. Talk recorded on April 5th, 2022 at Stacks' Bitcoin Unleashed event in Miami. Watch the video here:

Protocol Upgrade

The most significant change to CityCoins happened this week - Token holders voted and said "yes" to the first protocol upgrade. 99.26% of people were in favor of the changes, which include adjusting/compressing the emissions schedule and providing better mechanisms and upgrades to the CityCoins ecosystem.

This voting process was the fruit of the first community-led governance initiative and addressed how the CityCoins protocol will evolve over time to benefit everyone involved.

Since the vote passed, CityCoins core developers have been working to implement the protocol upgrades, which will be activated this Thursday, May 5th. For both current and future CityCoin issuance schedules to stay in sync, the upgrade must be activated before Stacks block 59,497. For more information, Check out the Protocol Upgrade FAQ.

DEX Expansion

ICYMI, ALEX recently announced that MIA and NYC would be listed on the DEX by the end of this month. This will bring new liquidity and trading options for CityCoins.

CityCoins DAO

The CityCoins community has started accepting proposals to create city-specific DAOs - encompassing legal, technical, and organizational solutions with the mission to build an on-chain, community-governed entity.

CityCoins could be adjusted to become governance tokens that direct capital allocation for CityCoin treasuries through city-specific DAOs, ensuring city capital allocation is effective and transparent while supporting reinvestment back into the CityCoins ecosystem.

City Chapters

Following the mission to educate local communities about CityCoins and onboard cities and residents to the ecosystem, the Austin CityCoins Chapter has publicly launched. It will serve as a central touchpoint for city residents, municipal governments, and the DAO to support residents and define roles in the ecosystem.

Their first #IRL event will occur on Thursday, May 5th, in Austin, TX. For details, check out

Next week, we will be following up with the Austin Chapter in our upcoming Twitter Spaces; come join us, and let's get weird! 

Building with CityCoins

Some were comparing it to the Acorns of blockchain, and for a good reason; Roundlyx is an app that allows users to round up their purchases and automatically invest in their favorite tokens. This makes it easy for anyone to get started in cryptocurrency investment without worrying about complicated processes or procedures. 

Stay tuned for a featured interview and a Twitter spaces with Roundlyx. In the meantime, you can download the app at RoundlyX | Buy BTC and other Digital Assets with spare change roundups.

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