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A look behind the scenes - Updates about Staking, Jungleverse & more

GM/GN Tigers!

We hope you are all doing well!

As promised, we will now give you an update on what has happened since the Mint! The last 2 weeks have been very stressful as we have been working on several things at the same time.

As you already know, we have planned the following for this month:

  • Creating a Sales bot for Discord and Twitter (done)

  • Creating a Verification bot for Discord (done)

  • Fixing the rankings (done)

  • Expanding the team (done)

  • Finalizing the Jungleverse details and white paper (in progress)

  • Additional collabs (in progress)

  • Launch Staking (in progress)

  • Addition of some new 1:1 Tigers (in progress)

  • Release the first comic episode

  • Start engineering/developing the Jungleverse


We have now removed all “None” attributes and thus corrected the metadata. The ranking system is now corrected on the Byzantion marketplace! Stxnft will be updating their metadata soon.
Please check again which rank your tigers have now! The rankings will also be available on our website soon!


We're happy to announce that we've recruited a great game developer to join the team. Yousif is now employed full-time since Friday. Yousif’s CV is awesome! He has already developed several games and is very familiar with the two best game engines (Unity and Unreal Engine). Both engines can be used to create three-dimensional (3D) games, as well as interactive simulations and other experiences like VR (Virtual Reality). We are very happy to have him now on board!

We will also be hiring a marketing expert and another Unity developer. If you know anyone that may be a good fit, applications can be sent to [email protected]


Since the Mint we have been in contact with a number of projects. As previously announced, we welcomed Stacks Parrots as the newest official partner. But that was not the end. We will continue to collaborate with other top Stacks projects to strengthen the overall community.


Token name: $MEAT? (We will have a vote on the name!)

Total Supply: 200.000.000

Staking Supply: 150.000.000 (75% of total supply)

Costs for Staking/Unstaking: 3 STX (will be used for development and maintenance of the Staking & Tiger Force ecosystem.

Custodial or non-custodial?

Since we couldn't find a good solution ourselves, we asked Plutus for advice. He told us that we needed to include non-custodial staking in the smart contract from the start (which we didn’t do). But nonetheless, he has another solution for how to do it. After everything has been tested, we will describe everything to you in detail. But yes, we will deliver non-custodial Staking! When? If everything goes according to plan by the end of March!

Staking Model

We have come up with a special and innovative NFT staking model which is tied to the total amount of Tigers being staked at any given time. Since the total amount of tokens generated per day is a fixed number (see below), fewer total Tigers staked means more tokens generated per tiger. Conversely, as more tigers are staked, less tokens are generated per tiger. We expect to reach quite a large percentage of total Tigers being staked so once this number gets quite large, token generation rate should remain more stable. But this does incentivize people to begin staking sooner!

Additionally, Tigers with certain traits will have a higher token generation rate (see list of traits further down).

All 150 million tokens will be generated after 5 years and follows the table below!

As already mentioned, the number of tokens you get depends on the number of all NFTs staked. The picture below should illustrate the math behind it:

Here is the list of all traits that give bonus percentages:


The tokens generated from staking give you the following benefits:

  • Jungle Store: You will be able to buy various NFTs with the tokens from staking. Some that we get through partnerships and others that we buy ourselves. (Launch end of April)

  • Land Auction:  The Jungleverse is made up of LANDS, that are parts of the world, owned by players to create and monetize experiences.

  • Currency unit in the Jungleverse

  • Mint future projects: As you already know we have planned some Free Mints to expand the community (Female Tigers, Baby Tigers, Tiger Robots). A small part of every collection will only be mintable with our token! More details will be released soon.

  • Comic Cover Auctions only possible with our token

  • More benefits to be announced in the future!

There are still many things that we will add in the future!


The Jungleverse will be a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Stacks blockchain using $JUNGLE, the platform's utility token.

There are two major updates for the Jungleverse!

1)      The Jungleverse will be a separate project developed by the Tiger Force team.

  • What new updates? The Jungleverse will have its own Token ($JUNGLE) & DAO.

  • How so? The Jungleverse will be a big project. There are currently many unanswered questions regarding NFT staking – does it become a security token or not?! To avoid these legal problems, we will separate both projects. There are other reasons why it makes sense to separate the two projects. With Tiger Force, we also have other goals that we want to achieve. A single token and DAO for all of that wouldn't make sense.

  • What will change for the Tiger Holders? Although we are separating both projects, we will still ensure that the Tiger Force Token is part of the Jungleverse. There WILL be the ability to buy land with the token and much more. We will make sure that our community gets many benefits!

  • $JUNGLE Token: The tokenomics are not yet fully defined. But one thing is certain – it will be a deflationary token. The token you use to buy the auctioned land will be burned.


2)      We're going to build the Jungleverse on Unity instead of Unreal Engine. Both game engines are very good! Because we are now developing a real metaverse, Unity is better suited to this. The Sandbox (Metaverse on Ethereum) was also developed on Unity. We are currently developing the final roadmap for the Jungleverse and will announce more details in the monthly newsletter.

This is the current status. There may be changes in the future. But we will always be transparent and keep you up to date!

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