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Tiger Force – Newsletter #1

GM/GN Tigers! Welcome to our first newsletter!

The last 5 weeks since we switched to Stacks have been amazing. At this point we as the Tiger Force Team would like to thank each and every one of you for the great support!

As you all know, we are just about to launch our NFT collection. We would like to use the time before that to bring you up to date! In the last few days there have been some major changes to the roadmap!

February review

We were able to do everything we set out to do.

  • Designed traits based on the community suggestions

  • Created & tested the smart contract

  • Assigned remaining OG Roles

  • Started the WL competitions

  • Collaborated with other projects

  • Did several giveaways

  • Released first sneak peek of the Comic


  • Presale will be on the 26th of February at 6pm UTC. Mint price: 45 STX!

  • Public sale will be on the 27th of February at 9pm UTC. Mint price: 50 STX!

  • You will be able to mint with Stacks and Citycoins.

We'll be minting the first 25 for the giveaways and the team.

Tiger Roles

We have two different groups. Those who have minted and those who currently are holding some.

We're including the Mint roles so all those who supported us at the Mint will always be part of the Tiger family. This means that even if you later sell all your NFTs, you will still enjoy some benefits - such as permanent access to the comic.

Mint roles:

  • Minted: Minted 1 Tiger

  • Mint Collector: Mint 5+ Tigers

  • Mint Whale: Minted 10+ Tigers

  • Mint Legend: Minted 20+ Tigers

General roles:

  • Bengal Tiger | Holder : Holder of at least 1 Tiger

  • Sumatran Tiger | Collector : Holder of 5+ Tigers

  • White Tiger | Whale : Holder of 10+ Tigers

  • Tiger Legend : Holder of 20+ Tigers

  • Tiger Honorary Member: Holder of 40+ Tigers

In the future we will give special giveaways and other benefits to the respective roles. Honorary members will get a custom tiger!

Future Airdrops / Free Mint

Animated Tigers:

  • This will be a small collection (about 100).

  • Will be raffled among Tiger Holders. This means the more tigers you have, the higher the chance that you will win one!

  • Launch April

Female Tigers:

  • Collection size: 1000

  • You need 2 Tigers to get one for free

  • The remaining female tigers can be bought with our token

  • Launch on mothersday (05/08)

Baby Tigers:

  • You must hold a male and a female tiger to get a baby tiger

  • Launch August

The launch of the Tiger Robots and 3D Tigers is still to be determined.

Comic Series – Jungle Combat

We have already launched the Comic preview. Since we didn't have much time, we didn't manage to do a whole episode. A whole episode will come out every month!

For the cover we had to remove Crashpunks, Indigo and Bitcoin Monkeys for now.

Regarding the auction: we will most likely raffle the first cover to an NFT holder!


We've made an important change! Instead of just creating a small virtual world based on the comic, we're going to develop a real metaverse like Decentraland! We now want to build an entire ecosystem. People will be able to buy land and create their own games and other experiences on our Metaverse!

Why the change?

The innovations happening on Stacks are huge. It's only a matter of time before people realize the potential of Stacks and want to develop a metaverse on Bitcoin. We want to use the first mover advantage! We also have all the necessary people on the team to make this possible.


We want to grow fast. For that we need more capital to hire more developers. That's why we decided to create a whitepaper and pitch our project to VC's. We are convinced that we can get several investors on board.


The Jungleverse will have its own token. The exact tokenomics have yet to be determined. We will seek professional advice on this. We are also planning an IDO at the end of the year!


As you already know, we will be introducing staking as well. Tiger Holders will determine the token name! As mentioned before, we haven't defined the tokenomics yet. Because of this, the staking rewards (for staking your NFTs) are yet to be determined. These details will be announced in the coming weeks.

We have already started developing the smart contract. The current status is that staking will be custodial, but trying to make it non custodial!

Staking launch is planned for end of March.

Benefits of the Token:

  • Will serve as a currency for the Jungleverse

  • Buy Land within the Jungleverse

  • Minting future collections

  • Launchpad participation

  • Future benefits

Next Months

The next few months will be very exciting. There is a lot to do! Here are the main points:


  • Expanding the team - The Unreal Engine developer will become part of our core team!

  • Developing the Whitepaper for the Jungleverse

  • Launch Staking

  • Release the first full Comic Episode

  • Start building the Jungleverse


  • Launching the Jungle Marketplace - here you can buy and sell all your Tiger & partner NFTs

  • Launching the Jungle Store - here you will be able to buy NFTs with our own token

  • Release of the Comic Episode #2

  • Pitching to investors

  • Launch Animated Tigers

  • Continue building the Jungleverse


  • DAO Integration

  • Release of the Comic Episode #3

  • Continue building the Jungleverse

  • Launch Female Tigers


  • Launchpad Integration - we want to support upcoming projects we believe in

  • Release of the Comic Episode #4

  • Continue building the Jungleverse

Final thoughts

We are aware that building the Jungleverse won't be easy, but we are willing to do whatever it takes! It always starts with a dream.

Thanks again for your support! We are proud to be part of such a great community!

And remember 2022 is the year of the tiger!! :D

Social Media Links:

  • Website: https://tigerforce.io/

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/tigerforcenft

  • Discord: discord.gg/AvJhK64d6H

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