Chronicled: Genesis Story

The world is changing rapidly, and the future looks uncertain.

The world's elite are attempting to take total control of civilised society – primarily through the issuance of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that will push humanity into the path of slavery.

But there is one man who refuses to let this happen without a fight.

Joshua was born into an elite family of bankers – a family that owns a significant portion of global wealth. Furthering the wealth and prosperity of the family, even at the expense of others, was the foundational philosophy passed on to Joshua. But Joshua was different from his siblings in one important way: he developed a strong sense of empathy for his fellow man and believed in the “novel” concept that all humans are born equal.

Joshua’s strong moral compass developed when he was a young boy, playing in his home garden. On a cool summer’s day, he came across a small frog that was trapped in a patch of weeds. Joshua rescued the frog. From that day, the frog would jump towards Joshua whenever he came home from school. Joshua formed a bond with the frog and so developed a deep respect for all living things.

As Joshua grew older, he began to realize the true nature of his family's ties to the elite cabal that controlled the world’s finances. He discovered that the elite were planning to implement a CBDC worldwide. Joshua knew this was their final plan for global domination, and he could not accept it.

Joshua rejected his family's ties to the elite cabal and knew he had to warn people of their motives. Joshua was a whiz at coding. He came up with his own plan to use these skills to alert the world to their ominous fate. He did this by publishing information secured by the bitcoin blockchain, which he could do anonymously and without fear of anyone tampering with the data.

But Joshua knew that he couldn't just rely on facts and figures to get his message across. He also knew that the elite cabal had a lot of power and influence, and that most people would be resistant to the idea of a “conspiracy theory”. So, he tried to engage the audience as much as possible with memes and humour to get the message out to people that the elite would stop at nothing to take total control of the world, starting with the implementation of a CBDC.

Joshua’s message began to spread, and people began to take notice. They began to realise that the world's elite were attempting to push humanity into the path of slavery, and that Bitcoin provided the only remaining option to counter the tyranny. Joshua’s source of truth became a rallying cry for those who were fighting against the elite cabal, and together they began to spread messages of hope, freedom, and decentralisation through Bitcoin.

“The revolution will be televised,” Joshua inscribed.

“The revolution will be … Chronicled.”

Author: thelight.btc, chronicled🕮.btc

Twitter: @chronicled_btc


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