Senator Elizabeth Warren Ransacks Local Computer Store With Army Of Luddites

In a shocking turn of events, Senator Elizabeth Warren was caught on camera ransacking a computer store with a group of fellow Luddites. Witnesses reported the group was armed with pitchforks and other blunt objects, and appeared to be on a mission to destroy all the computers and gadgets in sight.

The incident took place late at night, when the store was closed and the staff had gone home. Surveillance footage showed Senator Warren and her cohorts smashing windows and breaking down doors to gain entry. Once inside, they proceeded to wreak havoc on the store's inventory, knocking over displays and smashing devices with gleeful abandon.

In an interview with reporters, Senator Warren defended her actions, claiming that she and her fellow Luddites were simply fighting back against the tyranny of technology. "These machines are destroying our way of life," she ranted. "Bitcoin is taking our jobs, it is spying on us, and it is making us all slaves to its algorithms. It's time to take a stand and show these Silicon Valley elites that we won't be their digital serfs!"

When asked about the legality of her actions, Senator Warren shrugged off the question. "The law is on our side," she declared. "The Luddites have a proud history of standing up to technological tyranny, and we're just carrying on that tradition. We're not criminals, we're freedom fighters!"

As news of the incident spread, social media was ablaze with reactions. Some applauded Senator Warren for her bold stance against technology, while others condemned her for vandalizing private property.

The store's owners, who don’t own any Bitcoin, were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered inventory, while Senator Warren and her fellow Luddites disappeared into the night.

The war between the Luddites and decentralisation has taken a turn for the worse, and Elizabeth Warren is leading the charge.

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