The frogs-turned-humanoids had returned from the digital world and shared their message with Joshua, but knew there was more to learn.

“We came across underground chambers filled with rock art, carvings, etchings, treasures, artefacts – they were covered in mysterious symbols,” they told Joshua.

“I saw one piece of art that appeared to look like you Joshua.”

“Impossible,” Joshua claimed.

“You’re talking to a frog dude,” the frogs replied.


Guided by their curiosity of the coded carvings and etchings, the frogs embarked on another journey into the world of Web3 in an attempt to gather more clues.

The frogs navigated through landscapes that seemed both familiar and foreign. Trees made of algorithms and rivers flowing with encrypted data fascinated them, but they knew they were on a quest to uncover something greater.

As they retraced their steps deeper into this cryptic landscape, the frog-humanoids eventually found the entrance way to the mysterious artefacts.

“There it is!” one frog exclaimed.

“That’s a tree stump.”

“Behind the tree stump.”

“That’s a dense bush.”

“Behind the dense bush.”

“Oh yeah, a rock door with a bright green frog on it! We found it!”

“Well found bro.”

The frogs opened the door and ventured underground.

The underground tunnel contained hidden chambers filled with ancient artefacts. The artefacts told stories of a time when Web3 was just a concept, and they also hinted at a long-forgotten prophecy about a group of frogs that would play a crucial role in saving the world.

In one chamber, they found rock inscribed with intricate language codes. The codes appeared to be some kind of prophecy foretelling their journey and their mission to thwart the elite's sinister plans and free humanity from their control.

In another chamber, they uncovered artwork with imagery resembling Joshua, as well as frogs, monkeys, and parrots of various sizes and colors, accompanied by cyphers, mysterious symbols and strange shapes.

Through their discoveries, the frogs realized their mission extended beyond just warning the world about the threats posed by Central Bank Digital Currencies. They were meant to inspire hope and lead humanity towards a future of decentralization, freedom, and harmony.

Armed with the artefacts they had collected and photographed; the frogs returned to “reality” and reunited with Joshua. Together, they resolved to use this newfound wisdom to further their mission, spreading their message far and wide. They were determined to fulfill their destiny by saving the world from the clutches of the global elite, just as foretold in the artefacts of Web3.

Author: chronicled🕮.btc


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