Jan 181 min read

Connect to Sigle Web3 Writing Platform with Xverse

Xverse is pleased to announce you can now seamlessly connect to Sigle through the Xverse browser. Sigle is a secured writing platform for web3, enabling content creators and businesses to shape communities, brands, and bring stories to life.

Sigle is a secured and open-source blogging platform focused on protecting your privacy. Using a decentralised protocol and running on top of Stacks, we give you the possibility to store and lock your content on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Similar to Medium, Sigle provides a seamless platform that helps writers focus on what’s important to them. Sigle services include:

  • Share, Subscribe, Follow, Comment, and Discover articles

  • Send newsletters to your audience

  • Growth analytics for core publishers

  • Monetize content

Readers can lock up Stacks (STX) tokens to support writers with native Bitcoin yield, without spending their principle. Sigle also enables readers to subscribe to writer accounts on a monthly basis.

To connect to Sigle through Xverse, simply navigate to the browser extension tab and type "sigle.io," which you can then save as a bookmark. From there you can login to your Sigle account by connecting wallet. That's it!

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