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I love Ethereum and so should you

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Despite the fact that one of the slogans for Sigle is "Write and Earn BTC" and despite hearing quite a few members of non-ETH community bashing ETH for high gas fees and lack of robustness of Solidity, I stand by the title above.

Happiness is only real when shared

It is fair to assume that ETH, BTC, STX and definitely most of other communities want Web 3.0 to succeed and sooner rather than later. The more people get onboarded the better it is for everyone involved, no matter which blockchain you are building on. We are still super early in our quest and it is super important to err more on the collaboration than friction side.

Discussion about pros and cons of each blockchain should be happening as that is what often drives innovation, but we should be celebrating each others victories more than pointing out when something goes wrong. Instead of building based on "ETH Killer" ethos, can we just focus on what our particular blockchain is doing well?

There is this movie "Into the Wild" about a guy who wanted to live in complete isolation somewhere remote. It is based on a true story and last entry in his diary was "Happiness is only real when shared" and that is quite matching with how I view the intersection of blockchains and folks within the space.

Ethereum is the innovation driver

No matter the pitfalls, no matter the high gas fees, no matter the DAO hack, Ethereum ecosystem has insane amount of innovation going on 24/7. Best developer tools, highest amount of tutorials, really helpful dev community are just few of things that you get being part of the ecosystem. You get helpful communities in other blockchains too, but in terms of resources and developer tools some are struggling more than other. Hats down to Stacks here as they have been releasing massive amounts of new high quality content, but there is still long way to go and perhaps to learn some of the best practices from what is working and what is not working for ETH.

When I say that Ethereum is the innovation driver I don't mean just things built on the chain itself. Other chains are looking at what folks within ETH space are doing and building similar things or perhaps often more efficient things, which is absolutely fantastic, but at the same time it is Ethereum inspired and we have to remember that. Without the fails, the falls and the success of Ethereum, crypto community as a whole would probably be at way lower adoption, price and innovation levels.

What I am proposing is :

more of this
"I can build X that is costing a % of X in Ethereum!"
"Whoop whoop, that's super cool, go for it"

less of this
"I can build X that is costing a % of X in Ethereum!"
"R.I.P Ethereum by 2030, gas fees are horrible and Solidity sucks, go for it"

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