How we raised $500 000 from NFT sales

07 November 2021

Fundraising via NFT sales vs the traditional VC/angel route. This summer we were fortunate enough to try both approaches. We started with the VC route, which is the most obvious option when a startup is seeking funding, network, and knowledge to elevate the growth. Throughout around 30 meetings wit...

I love Ethereum and so should you

29 September 2021

Picture credit : @iamjiroe Despite the fact that one of the slogans for Sigle is "Write and Earn BTC" and despite hearing quite a few members of non-ETH community bashing ETH for high gas fees and lack of robustness of Solidity, I stand by the title above. Happiness is only real when shared It ...

Why Web 3.0 is fun?

13 August 2021

JPEG that costs 6x more than Ronaldo's villa If you took a look at the picture below and had to guess what is more expensive 10, 5 or even a year ago, the answer would be a no-brainer. Not just that, you would probably call me a fool for asking such question. However with the emerging NFT market and...

This is my first blog on the new editor

11 June 2021

I am going to test all the things around here.

From 0 to Sigle

05 June 2021

Telegram message Hey, since we work together so well both in a full-time job and open source projects, I wondered whether you would be interested in joining Quentin and me in team Sigle? V1 was live for quite a while, but we decided to take it to the next level this year. This was a message that I r...