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Compounder: Smarter Farming

Note: This is one of many articles we have migrated from due to censorship. Also there has been a big protocol upgrade but mainly just the tokenomics, the old details are still in the article though we have left notes of the change. Please click here to deep dive into more details of the upgrade.

Introduction - what is smarter farming?

You will be compounding interest on your assets while also earning $CP3R as a reward - this is smarter farming. Whilst Compounder provides competitive yield, all but one pool (CP3R-ETH LP) will guarantee zero risk of impermanent loss with the security of a 24-hour time lock.

We will examine yields, security and complexity of new pools that will keep our stakers comfortable knowing they have a competitive edge to other farmers. We hope to offer the next generation of high-interest returns.

1. CP3R / Compounder  -  CP3R emissions
2. CP3R-ETH LP / Compounder  -  Uniswap LP + CP3R emissions
3. DAI / DAICurve  -  Compound interest + CP3R emissions
4. USDT / DForceUSDT  -  Compound interest + CP3R emissions
5. USDC / DForceUSDC  -  Compound interest + CP3R emissions
6. ETH / Compounder  -  CP3R emissions
7. UNI / Compound  -  Compound interest + CP3R emissions
8. YFI / YearnGovernance  -  Compound interest + CP3R emissions

Compounder DAO - a treasury controlled by you

There are a couple strategies that earn profit for the DAO. It will be used to accumulate funds for integrations, bug bounties, more complex contracts, security audits - anything to provide value for our holders, by the holders.

The DAO will earn profit from 0.5% of every withdraw made in Compounder pools. And it will also earn from a 5% fee from the interest-earned through the Compounder strategies - not from your initially deposited asset.

What's coming up?

The protocol really speaks for itself and will require updates and further improvements. However, there is not reason to stop improving foundational functionality to improve your experience when farming with Compounder:

1. Private Withdraws - first advanced farming protocol with privacy

We will be bringing a layer of privacy to Compounder by deploying an integration with in the protocol. This will allow for private withdraws from the pools - keeping your txs out of the eyes of others.

2. Governance - have a say in how you earn, and how we all improve

Holding $CP3R is important! You will be able to have your say in how the collective will maximise your profits and how to spend the DAO treasury for things you want to see happen. Some example proposals would be:

• New Pools, Asset and Profit Strategies

• Emission Rates Adjustments

• Fee Adjustments

• Where to spend Compounder DAO Funds

• Burning $CP3R tokens

3. New Pool and Strategies

Compounder will constantly keep updated and always consider: high protocol returns, security of code and strategies, abundance and popularity of assets and community proposals as the pillars to new pools and strategies.

Security - money & security come hand-in-hand

All the smart contracts are under a 24-hour time lock, and we are actively seeking prominent members of the community to build a multi-sig council. The time-lock contracts are deployed for the token contracts and every single vault/pool contracts for your peace of mind. A professional security audit has been completed, click here for full report.


• No VC, no pre-sale, no pre-mine, no funny business

Hardcap/Max Supply: 1,000,000 CP3R - this is now 200,000 CP3R
Circulating Supply: Live display on website
Total Supply: 92,000 CP3R - this is now 200,000 CP3R
Total Circulating Supply at launch: 0 CP3R
Current Emission Rate: 92,000/30 days - halving every epoch (30 days), next half December 10

Emissions happen as rewards as farmed - from these emissions
- 80% for liquidity providers - this is now 93%
- 20% to the Compounder team -
this is now 7%

Compounder DAO rewards come from:
- 5% fee on interest-earned through strategies (not deposited asset)
- 0.5% withdraw fee on Compounder pools


Emissions for each pool is over 30 days. As each pool expires, there will be revision by the community whether to increase, reduce emissions or remove the pool from Compounder. The emissions are as follows:

1. DAI / DAICurve — 10,000 CP3R/30 days
2. USDT / DForceUSDT — 10,000 CP3R/30 days
3. USDC / DForceUSDC — 10,000 CP3R/30 days
4. ETH / Compounder — 10,000 CP3R/30 days
5. CP3R / Compounder — 20,000 CP3R/30 days
6. CP3R-ETH LP / Compounder — 30,000 CP3R/30 days
7. UNI / Compound — 1,000 CP3R/30 days
8. YFI / YearnGovernance — 1,000 CP3R/30 days

What are you waiting for? 🚀



CP3R: 0x7Ef1081Ecc8b5B5B130656a41d4cE4f89dBBCC8c
Treasury: 0xbDEF9038ffAbCd13dF3cbbD74CDC6bC47c2BCA73
Timelock: 0xC70b945fc25897bb218110F6B0a53fE1f8f881f0
ControllerV1: 0x0b283B107F70d23250f882fbfe7216C38abBd7cA
DAI Strategy Timelock: 0x2991152a04e54d16bcd87ef7439f07a9b71ecc9a608b065b5a430fb8adee1875
USDT Strategy Timelock: 0x1b55a0fdbef971fae46f68e250f5159f9e6d487994fe72c56a1ba65d15316759
USDC Strategy Timelock: 0x2c97b3d5f594c551343de6a7707e3cda7b466243c7e45de81a17fa1686aa22ee
WETH Strategy Timelock: 0x8e372e12567174ff2f0f08971df3dd4e70027f50c94e2182690969ee033b6870
CP3R Strategy Timelock: 0x5f85ce38607c137fe7d266961689280ccd45a1928e201929ff9668870e66f642
YFI Strategy Timelock: 0x436be68d69cc09623d47b10c55305552cc00d59cbde5481850a10157473315ca
cVaultDAI: 0x2381742592ab54dC2e89f193AF682D914A8b24C1
StrategyDAICurve: 0xaf274e912243b19B882f02d731dacd7CD13072D0
StakingRewardCDAI: 0x0a992dfC744F1D14B6b23C14a659032B01e9B2ab
cVaultUSDT: 0x8710423e492365b01c2F7E3a23332908051f53dF
StrategyUSDTDForce: 0x72025fd4124B573283dCEcfc7c5F66590a49872D
StakingRewardCUSDT: 0x0B8084676BAEc9Bd2CE4dbe823503cd25a89a3D7
cVaultUSDC: 0x32A742fbFED2249BE654d72dab321ec06b086713
StrategyUSDCDForce: 0x55437Ff1c558D34aEa4F64BEe3fb3dc558F86dEB
StakingRewardCUSDC: 0x0E5107E5D51433f2a8763eE3256462AFC5D49C87
cVaultWETH: 0x9813ECB6102a117BDbd85AC268D3D5E7ab47523C
StrategyWETHEmpty: 0xe2577123244255eCAD0d405381b452292acC5049
StakingRewardCWETH: 0xa6aDAD1182C9a45a20731c558bCF77260E84Dc30

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