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Crash Punks Roadmap 1.0 (revamped)

28 April 2022

Establishment of the Crash Punks DAO & Fund Console DAO Partnership - Crash Punks are the first NFT Community to gain access and help shape the future of DAO’s on BTC. Transfer 75k STX to CrashPunksDaoFund.btc (managed by Crash Punks Corporate Entity) which will be stacked and all yield will be se...

The Stacks Parrots Story Thus Far

03 March 2022

It was the end of October, and I had been heavily involved with helping scale a project on Ethereum called "Cosmodinos". This is now a very highly respected and strong project in that ecosystem. This is where it all began. I had been involved in Crypto since early 2017, and like most who entered th...