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How Freeos Works Part 3: Supporting Mechanisms

11 November 2020

(This is a continuation of Part 1 and Part 2) Freeos doesn’t just stop with being a democratically governed stable income concept for the blockchain world only. It also includes many real-world aspects. Freeos is designed to be a useful currency through and through. And this means designing a few fe...

How Freeos Works Part 2: Maintaining Value

11 November 2020

(This is a continuation of Part 1) The Freeos Economic System is unlike other attempts to create price stability amongst cryptocurrencies. Instead of attempting to be stable in terms of fiat dollar values, the Freeos Economic System incentivises the participants to steer the economy towards real-wor...

How Freeos Works Part 1: Overview

10 November 2020

In this series of articles we will explain how Freeos - a Self-Governed Cooperative Income - works to generate ongoing, equitable, stable rewards for those that participate regularly. Freeos is more than your typical blockchain currency. It is designed with characteristics that allow people to have ...