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Four Seasons - Minting The Fall

The Four Seasons NFT project is finally launching, starting with The Fall.

Four Seasons is a collaborative NFT project between Grace Hye, visual artist in real life and working with digital art since the beginning of NFTs on Stacks, and Manuel Gimferrer, a talented classical musician also known as MirloMusic in the Web3 world.

Below you’ll find the most important details for The Fall minting process that will take place on Gamma’s website:

  • Minting date: Thursday September 21st

  • Minting price: 660 STX

  • Collection size: 12 pieces

Remember that the mint of The Fall will be a public hidden minting, meaning that the people participating on the minting won't be able to know which piece they've got until the reveal party.

We really hope that you enjoy the art pieces that we’ve created for The Fall NFT collection, each of them is an exclusive short AI generated animation and they will be your gateway to all of the Four Seasons benefits:

  • private concerts performed by Gimferrer (Madrid),

  • exclusive exhibitions at Galerie Nouvelle (Paris),

  • digital spaces where you could discuss with both artists and listen to recorded performances of the Four Seasons piano concerts,

  • future mintings and other surprises,

  • token of property of the Four Seasons Foundation NFT,

  • free Print of the music score entangled Ordinal, giving you the right to perform the classical composition of the project at the venue of your choice.

You can learn more about the mechanics of the project on my previous Sigle blog. Do not hesitate to join in my Discord server for more information.

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