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Welcome Announcement + Some Details 🐋🐳

Hello everybody! Welcome to Madstar! I'm @Nil_HBACK, the co-founder and leader of Madstar. The team is formed by @HITA, @CBC REAP, @Batrixx, and myself. For the last few months we've been working diligently on this. We're here to produce a project that stands out from the rest and helps expand the STX ecosystem. If you haven't checked out our web already, you can find info in regard to how many NFTs are in our HBack Whales Club, whether or not there are 1/1s, etc. We are very proud with the art, and hence revealed some of the 1/1s such as... Moby Dick! We are particularly intrigued with the Poseidon animated whale as it ended up looking way better than we thought.

On the website you can read about the story behind this project. In short, our whales will go through a journey. Who knows? Maybe they'll encounter surprises along the way. Perhaps at some point(s), a side quest will be necessary to advance. These whales won't be able to complete it themselves. They will surely need external help. Right? Right? We have so much planned and it kills us to not reveal everything at once.

Though we are still finishing a handful of traits, we wanted to go ahead and open up the discord and let in groups of people in order to populate it. Yes, there will be laser eyes. Wanna know what? There will be red and blue laser eyes. And yes, there will be STX and BTC traits.

Regardless, we don't want to leave you fellas hanging here while we finish these traits and polish the last few details before starting the minting process. Keep in mind we are very meticulous and perfectionists. The Poseidon whale approached us yesterday and kindly requested for the first 150 whales to enter the discord be given the "OG" role, which grants automatic whitelist to the HBack Whales Club. Even so, he wasn't entirely happy. He also asked for these whales to have priority in minting and be given a separate time slot to mint a couple hours before the rest. As you might understand, we can't say no to Poseidon. Get your friends in here quickly as they will get this role as long as they're within the first 150 members.

Before signing off, we want to thank @jamil.btc from STXNFT, and @obsidian.btc and @plutus.btc from Byzantion. Thank you for joining us and for being there for the whales that might encounter issues with the marketplaces during minting and whatnot. You are very much welcomed here and we all thank you for your role in expanding the STX space.

Dear whales, sit tight as we finish the last details. We are so excited with what we're gonna come out with because we believe it will stand out in STX NFTs. Truth is, after the last whales project in STX - Space Whales - be assured we are here to clear the name for whale NFTs in STX. Take care and see you soon! 🐋 🐳

Let's react in discord with a "🐳" for the Poseidon whale!

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