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Update #1 - What's to come this week + some details

14 February 2022

Hello Whales! We're gonna make an announcement explaining what's to come this week and the next, plus some other details. However, we want to first address the confusion among the whales in regard to what's the difference between the "OG Whale" role and the "Whitelist" role, and how to get the forme...

Madstar Newsletter #1 - Project Breakdown

14 April 2022

Hey Whales! First we wanted to thank the community for the huge success in the mint! We sold out and the remaining whales in the public mint were gone within minutes! We've been in the top rankings in terms of daily volume since we minted, and we thank you for that. Now, grab some popcorn and get ...

Welcome Announcement + Some Details 🐋🐳

10 February 2022

Hello everybody! Welcome to Madstar! I'm @Nil_HBACK, the co-founder and leader of Madstar. The team is formed by @HITA, @CBC REAP, @Batrixx, and myself. For the last few months we've been working diligently on this. We're here to produce a project that stands out from the rest and helps expand the S...