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A chat with... Anibal , Curatorbtc

This is not a transcription as such, rather it is summary of the chat we had a few days ago with an exceptional creator of NFTs. You can listen to the Podcast in Spanish here

In the Stacks community we know Anibal Boscoboinik also by the surname of Curatorbtc, the name of the Discord server where he is building a wonderful community, and the name he sometimes uses referring to his project Curator Collective.

Curator  Collective is a very special project with a unique feature: they created NFTs collections backed by physical Art, establishing a direct relationship with artists themselves. The first step is to buy a piece of their interest, and then create the digital art out of that original artistic material. NFTs that are minted for the sale of those digital pieces take into account all the creators involved. This is possible thanks to collaborations connecting the physical and the digital worlds, coordinating a technical-creative team. 

Curatorbtc opened a studio in the Smartists mvp, which is being developed on the Stacks blockchain with the security that all transactions settle on Bitcoin. Aníbal, recalls how he discovered blockchain tech thanks to Bitcoin, a d how he got interested in Stacks when he knew they were bringing smart contracts to Bitcoin. 

He also explains that CityCoins is one of his favorite projects in ThenStacks ecosystem, and this is because he sees what it can mean as a seed for a more decentralized city administration with the direct participation of citizens in a more democratic way, and this could become an alternative to the present system in the future. 

Actually, the first collections by Curatorbtc -based on artworks by Gonzalo Borges- have some relationship with the CityCoins project, especially with MiamiCoin. Another successful collection is that of the CityCoin Bulls…

And talking about the collection they are about to launch at the time of this recording, he explains that it is the first one in Stacks including generative music. It’s called “NFTs for Peace” and was inspired by a drawing by Gonzalo Borges which shows us “war through the eyes of an Artist” in an image full of details that has been most inspiring. A composer, Manuel Gimferrer, composed an original piece of music. From there, Sean Longstreet -a musician with a wide experience creating music NFTs in the Stacks ecosystem- brought the necessary recordings for parts and instruments. And finally, an engineer, Adrian Lewandowsky has created the code for the algorithm that generated the different versions that will be minted as unique NFTs. If you are curious about this project and about every creator involved, you can read Curator’s Blog, or visit their new web, where you can even find some videos. 

Aníbal, explains how he is enjoying working with this talented team, because he especially values the human connection that comes between members of communities like this, where he can tell you can make friends and find meet really valuable people. 

To k ow more about Curator Collective, Anibal has left us these links:

Moreover, during our conversation we also talked about those communities around the web3 where members share actual projects, and Anibal expresses his hope that more meaningful human collaborations may build a more peaceful world. Somehow, this was the way NFTs for Peace were born… 

Time for a farewell, yet knowing that I will keep very attentive to the new collections by Curator Collective. So, see you soon, Aníbal ! 

Georgina Mauriño

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