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Three worlds in one

[This is a translation of the original post in Spanish. Lee el original en español aquí.]

It’s been while since I left social media, and I just remained on LinkedIn a professional networking space which has been really helpful and where I have also connected with very valuable individuals who have held me progress towards that Internet that interested me.

Despite I am very talkative when i get the opportunity to explain what I care for, I am not an extrovert. Instead, for various biographical reasons, I am quite introvert and feel really difficult to share anything personal. A appreciate privacy very much and I prefer one on one relationships, those that allow deep exchanges of views. Time is our most valuable asset and I value mine as much as I value the time others dedicate to me. And this actually has a lot to do with my interest in blockchain tech, although it may sound surprising.

My three worlds

It was about three years ago that I has to update my web, as my professional activity had made a big switch. Without leaving point of view as an author, three are no three spaces where I am working on. Moreover, still working in front of my computer most of my day, I am trying to use only, or nearly only, decentralised tools.

In the editor’s desk at Mirlo Studio, we are exploring the new possibilities for our catalogue with NFTs, Ordinals, Stamps and whatever comes from technology in order to bring the cultural legacy we have received to the web. This month we are progressing with hope towards new solutions that might even serve other authors, or that could catch some interest at least, so that so many great artists won’t be left behind. It’s all about exploring new ways pioneering some examples like our first use-license for NFTs. Follow this link for more information.

In my research and development of solutions for independent authors, I am fortunate enough to count on the advise and support of great persons whom I have met in my journey. Some of them are far away geographically, but they have brought their attention to my work like many others much closer have not. I see today a new economy making its way little by littles, and such new economy can give back to users an autonomy and freedom that we especially need in a world ever more surveilled and intervened. From where I stand, I can only bring my testimonial that things can be done otherwise. Today there are alternatives, and here is the Newsletter where I try to share my experiences and bring awareness.

Finally as an author-illustrator, I am entering a new time for reflection, and I am re-connecting with good old friends. I am also going back to my books, those which have made me as a persona as an author. At this very moment where so much transformation is being imposed to us, I need to recover those essential everlasting human messages that travel through time and space. A good American friend of mine asked me to pass her my LIB [Life In Books], as she likes to cal a sort of Cv, a biography but made of the books that have marked your life. I am building this list and I will share it here and in in my website, the only channels I am keeping open personally as an author. So, step by step, I want to recover my creative space.

I must admit that sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and even scared about everything that I see coming up. But, in this new world that we are unfolding I see many good things for authors if we are well prepared and don’t get swept away… I am happy to be awaken and participating in the construction to new ways for independent artists. The real world and the online world are interconnected, but I wish they did not compete for our attention, but instead provide environments and solutions for a more human life. About this, I am surprised to see that one of my most successful articles is the one entitled Cara a cara en la feria del Libro - P2P en el Internet del valor (in Spanish), which I wrote a while ago and I have just translated.

Feria del Libro de Madrid. Primavera 2014

Those who wish to embrace the future with their new opportunities and help build a better one, need to do their own research. I think in the archive from this Blog you can find some articles that can be a good starting point.

Keeping an open mind, a critical spirit and your own objectives always present for every decision is what I try to do. Therefore, I find fundamental defining first your own goals. At my age, and after quite a few adventures, I believe that the future of everyone of us depends mainly in how everyone chooses to make his journey, whatever the circumstances.

My most grateful regards to anyone reading these lines, and wishing you the best,

Georgina Mauriño

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