My Search Engine Recommendations

A private search engine is super important too. Do you want Google to know your depression help searches. No? Then you can use one of these search engines listed.

1. Startpage. +Super private. +Googles search results. +Anonymous view (proxy). +Friendly support. +Classic Google like design. -Privacy One Group (subsidiary of System1) bought a big stake of Startpage. -Bad instant answers (knowledge panels). -Closed source.

2. Searx(ng). +Super private. +metasearch (you can deside where searx[ng]gets its search results from) +Open source. +Self hostable. -Searx has ugly old design, but Searxng Simple theme is nice. -If using a public instance you need to trust the instance owner. -Hard to setup.

3. Brave Search. +Private. +Own index, but some results from google. +Beautiful design. -Only one page of search results. -Beta service. -Closed source.

4. DuckDuckGo. Private search engine, but bad search results.

5. Qwant. Private search results, but decent search results.

6. Mojeek. Private search engine that has its own search index. Use if you want different search results.

7. Swisscows. Private search engine that claims to have own search index (bing is still its main source i think). It is also family friendly. They also give meals to poor children.

8. Ecosia. A fairly private search engine that plants trees.

Note that im not only ranking privacy im ranking all.

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