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Privacy Memes That Ive Found On The Internet

15 January 2022

Sources: r/privacymemes on Reddit, Startpage's tweets, my own memes.

My Privacy App/Service/Provider/Extension Recommedations

14 January 2022

Here are all my privacy tool recommendations!!! (January 2022 edition) Desktop Browsers: Brave, Hardened Firefox, Tor, Librewolf, Vivaldi Mobile Browsers: Brave, Bromite, Firefox Focus, Tor, Firefox Search Engines: Startpage, Searx(ng), Brave Search, DuckDuckGo Email Providers: Protonmail, Tutanota...

My Search Engine Recommendations

06 January 2022

A private search engine is super important too. Do you want Google to know your depression help searches. No? Then you can use one of these search engines listed. 1. Startpage. +Super private. +Googles search results. +Anonymous view (proxy). +Friendly support. +Classic Google like design. -Privacy...

My Desktop Browser Recommendations

03 January 2022

The first thing in your privacy journey is changing your browser to a privacy respecting one! My Browser Recommendations: 1. Brave Browser. +Best privacy right out of the box. +Built in adblocker. +Customizable privacy settings. +Fast. +Built in tor mode. +Superb privacy. +Fast updates. +Open ...