My Privacy App/Service/Provider/Extension Recommedations

Here are all my privacy tool recommendations!!! (January 2022 edition)

Desktop Browsers: Brave, Hardened Firefox, Tor, Librewolf, Vivaldi

Mobile Browsers: Brave, Bromite, Firefox Focus, Tor, Firefox

Search Engines: Startpage, Searx(ng), Brave Search, DuckDuckGo

Email Providers: Protonmail, Tutanota, Telios, Startmail

Instant Messengers: Signal, Session, Element, Threema

Video/Voice Messengers: Jami, Jitsi Meet

DNS: NextDNS, Pi-hole

Work/office apps: Libreoffice, Onlyoffice, Cryptpad, OpenOffice

Translator: Lingva Translate, LibreTranslate

Password managers: Bitwarden, KeePassXC

Desktop Operating Systems: Fedora Workstation, Zorin OS, Ubuntu, Tails

Mobile Operating Systems: Graphene OS, Calyx OS, Lineage OS, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS

If you are using Windows use this app: ShutUp10++

Android keyboards: Openboard, AnySoftKeyboard

Authenticators: Aegis Authenticator, Raivo OTP

VPNs: ProtonVPN, MullvadVPN, IVPN

Maps: OpenStreetMap, OsmAnd, MagicEarth, Organicmaps

Email Aliases: AnonAddy, SimpleLogin

Mobile Ad/Trackerblockers: Blokada, TrackerControl

Extensions (Do not use all of these, if on TOR NEVER USE EXTENSIONS!!!): uBlock Origin, ClearURLs, Startpage Privacy Protection, Sponsorblock (just for better viewing experience), Privacybadger, Adguard, Bitwarden, Cookie autodelete. HTTPS everywhere is not needed anymore so its not listed, just search how to enable it in your browser.

Theres the main ones!!! If you want me to recommend something, make a correction to these recommendations or just recommend me something that i could add, DM me on Twitter (@PrivacyPerspec) or Reddit (@PrivacyPerspective)

You can also check out these privacy related websites:,

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