My Desktop Browser Recommendations

The first thing in your privacy journey is changing your browser to a privacy respecting one!

My Browser Recommendations:

1. Brave Browser. +Best privacy right out of the box. +Built in adblocker. +Customizable privacy settings. +Fast. +Built in tor mode. +Superb privacy. +Fast updates. +Open source. +You can get crypto with it. -Tor mode isnt as good as TOR browser. -I dont like the CEO. -Based on Googles Chromium and Blink. -Some would say that BAT rewards are a little bit suspicious.

2. Hardened Firefox. +Best privacy. +Highly customizable privacy settings. +Open source. +More lightweight that chromium. +Superb privacy. +Not based on google. +Not based on any Big Tech. +Nonprofit. -Slow. -Questionable big design updates. -Bad adblocker. -Setting up takes a looot of time.

3. TOR Browser. +Best privacy AND anonymity. +Super hard to companies to track you. +Many privacy and anonymity features. +Super hard to identify you. +Open Source. -Super slow. -Government can be suspicious about you. -Your friends will think that you are a criminal ;)

4. Librewolf. Basically Brave, but firefox.

5. Vivaldi. Highly customizable.

6. Epic Privacy Browser. Private, but they want you to use Yahoo search.

7. Waterfox. Private, supports legacy firefox extensions, but it is owned by system 1 an adcompany.

8. Iridium. Private.

9. Palemoon. Private, but old and has some compability issues.

10. Firefox. Private.

Those are all the browsers that are private. Others should be voided.

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