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Artists & Collectors ON THE WEB3

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On the web3, we are exploring new ways of creating that are changing and will transform how artists will approach their work in the future.
With well-founded skills and their refined personality, artists can observe the world and build their vision to connect with other human beings in a deep enough way to share profound experiences. This happens with Art, “the excellence in human expression that defies time and space” G.G.-M.

Today, Artists on the web3 can have a richer approach to the world as their own individual experiences can be enriched with the inputs from other human experiences brought by members in their communities. Somehow these artists can bring to their art pieces not only their personal views, but what their followers and collaborators share with them during the process.

Collaborating is a wonderful practice that becomes paramount when creating NFTs.

The project FOUR SEASONS is an example in our community, where two artists living in different countries have been working and sharing their creative process with a few members of their communities on Discord. Now, you can have a look “behind the scenes” in this article.

NEW EXPERIENCES for Collectors

From the point of view of collectors, their experiences are also evolving and getting enriched.

You can keep looking just for a surprisingly impressive piece or your next art investment, yet you may also want to know more about how an artist works, what is the message/emotion that artist wants to convey in a specific piece. And, what if you could share with the artist your point of view on the go during the creative process.

Bringing closer creators and their collectors is one of the main benefits that new technologies are providing.

This trend is just getting started, and you may have noticed it in many projects. Audiences and followers are still sometimes shy, but the Discord community of Grace has been showing interest in her work following the development of her different collections of NFTs: Black Flowers, The Poem, Crystallization... Although Discord might not be the most friendly tool for many, it is not about the tool, but about following her unique creative journey. On his side, Manuel Gimferrer is sharing in a series of videos about the music he composed for every Season. You can find them on Manuel’s website.

NEW REWARDS for Artists and Collectors

We are witnessing the rise of a new kind of artists who are connecting with their collectors in a more direct and genuine way. While artists get paid directly in their wallets, these collectors can enjoy connecting with creators in a deeper P2P way.

When buying an art piece on the web3, you are purchasing the result of a creative experience you have witnessed and sometimes even participated in. Actually, you can know about that piece much more than about many other art pieces bought in a real Art gallery.

Moreover, artists on the web3 are usually ready to offer their collectors more benefits, like special treats…

What are the FOUR SEASONS collectors going to get when they purchase their special animated Art piece with music? You can find out in the article announcing their minting of The Fall : 12 unique pieces, here.

We are looking forward to their launch on the September 21st!

September 1st. THE FALL

If you are an artist on the web3…

The present newsletter has changed its name, and I welcome my collaborator Mirlo. He will sign upcoming posts, hopefully including interviews of Artists ON THE WEB who will share their Art projects, and how they are leading their pioneering initiatives. This is a space for testimonials for new forms of Art creation.

Mirlo & Georgina

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