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Web3 First impressions (2) from Hope to Reality

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The second of three articles sharing reflections and decisions that will mark my way from 2023 onwards.


I cannot give up on hope, because I actually think that progress is something that cannot be stopped. That is why I know blockchain tech is giving way to the web with apps that will be definitely better than those we have been using so far.

Nevertheless, I see how that blockchain promises to connect between us without intermediaries, which brought me hope, is no what many engineers and developers of new apps have in their minds.

I can understand that their training and their experience -their references- are precisely on web 2.0 technology, the one they were supposed to transform or better fix, disrupt, and finally replace.

So, when I see the projects and tools they introduce to artists and content creators, my expectations crumble. I often observe more of an obsession for replacing previous tech giants to take their place and power, instead of actual will of becoming those heroes who were born for change and to put back users in control of the web.


So in the last weeks I am landing and facing reality: will we be able to recover the control of our own data and whatever we bring to the web? Actually, this will only be possible if we are well informed and educated so we can choose the solutions that respect us for good. It is a question of maturity as users and as professionals. We cannot keep on depending on intermediaries that keep abusing us.

As everything in life, with this tech we can choose to make good use or we can keep letting other deciding for us and taking advantage.

Anyway, the simple fact of having options and being able to choose, is already an achievement, since so far we have been manipulated not having clue. It's time now to dare being free. It's not anymore about following some hype and join that last popular app, but to look for what is really convenient instead.

First Decisions : one step ahead on the web3 with Mirlo Music

As I explained in my last article, for our brand Mirlo Music we decided to keep our relationship with our followers via our newsletter on Substack, which allows us to communicate with everyone of our followers via email.

Moreover, and not finding any better solution, we are using Discord to keep in contact with those friends we have met in the NFTs space and on the web3. In our new web we are ging to present what we are doing for those who keep appreciating traditional formats like videos, as as as for those who are exploring with us the world of digital collectibles.

All that said, for my own newsletter I have decided to change its title. We are overcoming the "Towards the Internet of Value" moment, which helped us share the good news and hope in the past years.

It's time now to share my experiences as an author on the web3, so this Blog will be entitled from now on "An author on the web3".

On another side, next year I hope to bring the testimonial of other authors/artists/content creators which I am meeting on the go.

Actually, one of the best experiences from this past year has been interviewing some creator pioneering the web3 with their NFTs: Curator Collective, Flor Peña and Grace Hye. Next year, I hope to bring the voice of artists and authors from different fields who are joining the web3 and can start providing thier first impressions and feedback.

I say goodbye to this year grateful for the lessons learned along my way Towards the Internet of value. I am looking forward to start writing as An Author on the Web3. About my plans to accomplish them from Mirlo Music I will explain some more in the last newsletter of the year.

My best wishes for you and your plans too!

Georgina Mauriño, author at Mirlo Music and co-founder of Smartists

P.S. Next publication will come with the new title “An author on the web3

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