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Introducing Meta Data
We heard you… writing stories is cool, but having the opportunity to share your writings with your community is even cooler. That’s why we worked on meta data, allowing you to get fancy share boxes on social media and having the possibility of adding your own meta title and description. From today, ...
Style guide: Text & page editor
This guide provides you with everything you need to know about the text editor and page styles. It may change, depending on the added themes or possible updates. Images Story cover picture You can add a cover picture to any stories. By clicking on the wheel next to the save button on the "Edit" page...
Sigle.io: Step by step guide 🤓
This content was created on app.sigle.io In just a few words, Sigle is the perfect tool for writers/bloggers to easily create decentralized content and take notes. That means no one but you owns your data and published work. It is safe from any censorship and you maintain your privacy and freedom. ...